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Change Log

To-do list

  • Include XML file reading in IgnoreArchiveBitTrigger.asp.
  • Not all pages have corresponding Export.asp files for exporting data to Excel.
  • Update CSS to move the filter button to the search bar on all relevant ASP pages. - Fixed in 0.17; Enabled 'Filter As You Type' and removed filter button.

Version 0.17 - 15th March 2010

Fixes / Additions:

  • Fixed inc_Enabled_Mailboxes_Databases.vbs - strMailboxSizeMB was not set, resulting in total mail size being incorrect.
  • Updated EVDashboard_data_Collector.vbs - Added further output information, written to log and screen. Added If...Then...condition so start and finish time is only written to config.xml if the script was started before 8:30am.
  • Updated IndexExchangeEnvironment.asp - Added required code for the domain name to be displayed in this section on the index.asp page. Part of this was adding inc_Domain_Name.vbs. Additionally added code to get ServiceAccount; the account the data collector is run as. This is not displayed anywhere yet though.
  • Added recorded timestamp into the Disk Alerts section of index.asp. Actual changes in IndexDiskAlerts.asp.
  • Fixed bug 00001: Added new Record TimeStamp formatting function into global.asp. With this dates are now displayed into standard ISO format, regardless of the locale (yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm). Applied this fix to the following files:



  • Updated EVDashboard_Data_Collector.vbs - Extended strSQLExecute value to 1800 seconds or 30 minutes. Some larger sites may see scripts terminating with a timeout because of high volumes of records retrieved by some SQL queries. Typically inc_Over_Warning_Limit.vbs can retrieve high numbers of records and take more than the previous limit of 5 minutes.
  • Updated Admin.asp - Moved styles and coding section out to ./includes/AdminStyles.asp for easier reading.
  • Fixed CSS in Admin.asp - Removed table borders, which were unintentionally set.
  • Updated inc_Over_Warning_Limit.vbs, inc_Over_Send_Limit.vbs, inc_Over_Receive_Limit.vbs so the count of records and mailbox names are written to screen when the script is run interactively.
  • Added EnabledMailboxesLite.asp - A cut down version of EnabledMailboxes.asp. Giving slightly less information on screen. Hopefully this will make it easier for people with smaller screen resolutions.
  • Enabled 'Filter As You Type' within TableFilter.js script. With this change, removed the Filter button which was out of place anyway. Change applied to:


  • Updated tablefilter.js and filtergrid.css from version 1.9.4 to 1.9.6.
  • Added the Column visibility manager and Filter row visibility scripts to:


  • Added only Filter row visibility script to:

On larger installations (potentially 5000 EV archives and upwards) enabling the Column visibility manager on these two reports extends the load time of the script to the point where the browser process consumes excessive amounts of memory and CPU power for an excessive amount of time. It appears the script fails to load in this scenario. For this reason these two reports only have the Filter row visibility script turned on.

  • Fixed number of records per page values to 100,500,1000 on all user report pages.
  • Enabled 'Load Filters on Demand' for slightly faster loading times on:


Version 0.16 - 17th February 2010

Fixes / Additions:

  • Updated installation and upgrade documentation.
  • Re-arranged the order of the scripts which are run by the data collector; So scripts which call data other than from the EVDashboard database run last. For example inc_Exchange_Disk_Info.vbs, which could potentially fail because of network connectivity or WMI problems.
  • Updated with the application title logo.
  • Updated IndexWatchFileCounts.asp with new SQL connect code.
  • New table: UsageReportsByArchive Report on the number of items which have been archived into each archive. Thanks to JesusWept2 for the underlining SQL query. Added the following ASP pages:
    The only gotcha with this report is it connects to the ExchangeMailboxEntry table, so only archives with Exchange mailboxes will be listed.
    See /sql/EVDashboard Database Creation/CreateTables.sql for the code to add this table to your EV Dashboard database.
  • Updated Data_Collector.vbs - Updated User Configuration variable based on time of day. This script can now be run within the same day without editing the file. If the script is run after 8:30am the script runs a reduced set of sub-scripts.
  • Updated ExchangeMailboxes.asp - Added date selector to page. 
  • Updated ExchangeMailstores.asp - Added date selector to page.
  • Fixed EnabledMailboxes.asp - Corrected SQL query 2 SQLConnect timeout; it now uses the global strSQLConnect, by default 300 seconds. This should resolve problems of this script stopping half way through, and interupting the main data collector script.

Known Bugs:

  • 00001 - Date conversation within EVDashboard_Data_Collector.vbs, temporary work-around in place.
    For some reason when timestamps are selected with adodb they change according to regional settings.
    Currently date format is for UK (DD.MM.YYYY). Code changes will be needed for US style dates (MM.DD.YYYY).

Version 0.15 - 18th January 2010

Fixes / Additions:

  • Updated SQL insert statements so data collector can run more than once on the same day in:
  • Fixed inc_Enabled_Users.asp to include apostrophe fix in linked servers section. - Thanks to Paul Bendall for noticing this.
  • Fixed database server name issue which could come up when using SQL authentication within inc_Organisation_Archiving_History.vbs - Timeout Fix
  • Removed upgrade SQL scripts. From now on any new tables will be annouced in this changelog.
  • Updated the mechanism for collecting user / mailbox / archive data.
    DB table EnabledMailboxes, enabledmailboxes.asp, inc_enabled_mailboxes.vbs and inc_enabled_mailboxes_databases.vbs have all been created to replace the 'enabledusers' equivalents.

    NEW TABLE: EnabledMailboxes

    The SQL script to create EnabledMailboxes if you need it can be found in: \EVDashboard\sql\EVDashboard Database Creation\CreateTables.sql
    This new mechanism is designed to work with mailbox archiving databases which are spread across more than one SQL server/instance.
    Previous attempts of using linkedserver queries did not work.
    Even if you only have one SQL server this new mechanism will work for you as well.
  • Updated EVDashboard_Data_Collector.vbs to reflect the above changes.
  • Fixed Hourly_Archiving_Rates.asp database connection code including timeout. Thanks to Paul Bendall for this.
  • Added the same timeout fix to as many other files as possible vbs and asp. If I have missed any please post on the forums.
  • Setup global string variables for the timeout fix; strSQLConnect & strSQLExecute in global.asp. Also included the same in EVDashboard_Data_Collector.vbs.
  • Included \EVDashboard\vbscript\EnabledMailboxesReportEmail.vbs which runs a SQL query against the new EnabledMailboxes database table, retrieves all the data form the table, then emails the result to an email address of your choice. You will need to open this script and edit in your SMTP server, email address details etc.
    This allows you to schedule an export of the report and email it.
  • Added IndexDiskAlerts.asp. Disks which have a percentage value less than 25% are now reported to the index.asp page.

Known Bugs:

  • 00001 - Date conversation within EVDashboard_Data_Collector.vbs, temporary work-around in place.
    For some reason when timestamps are selected with adodb they change according to regional settings.
    Currently date format is for UK (DD.MM.YYYY). Code changes will be needed for US style dates (MM.DD.YYYY).

Version 0.14 - 04.12.2009

Fixes / Additions:

  • Added IgnoreArchiveTriggerBit.asp, with associated elements in config.asp and BuildMultiDimensionalArray.asp. Will soon be adding XML file option as well.
  • Moved Filtergrid code which was duplicated in multiple pages into /includes/styles.asp.
  • Fixed - Apostrophe fix added to inc_Enabled_Users.vbs, inc_Disabled_Users.vbs, inc_Over_Receive_Limit.vbs, inc_Over_Send_Limit.vbs, inc_Over_Warning_Limit.vbs. Thanks Metatron.

Version 0.13 - 17.11.2009

Fixes / Additions:

  • Fixed issue within user report pages. The default action for the enter key on these pages is the Refresh Data button.
  • Added the filter button onto these pages, without this filtering is impossible. For the moment the css is not pretty, but it works.
  • Updated css for buttons on user report pages.
  • Removed inc_OldestRecord.vbs - This is no longer needed since the introduction of DatabaseStats.asp
  • Added OrphanedArchives.asp
  • Added ExchangeLegacyDNs.asp
  • Added Service Alerts to index.asp
  • Updated MSMQMessageCount.asp - Now includes options for retrieving info from one or all servers at a time
  • Added OrganisationArchivingHistory.asp - Gives you totals of the number of items archived per month for each database
  • Dropped Exchange Transaction Logs from Data Collector vbscript and header.asp. This provided unreliable and is not core to the goals of EV Dashboard. Files left in place in case a fix is found.
  • Fixed CSS for calendar. Previously the background for the month letters was set the same colour blue as the .th headings in tables.
  • Seperated out index.asp functions into seperate files for easier reading.
  • Fixed footer.asp link. Thanks raredirt

Version 0.12 - 09.10.2009

Fixes / Additions:

  • Added this change log to track changes and bug fixes.
  • Fixed Minor enhancements to the EVDashboard_Data_Collector.vbs file.
  • Fixed connection bug in Mailboxstatus.asp - Connection type selection for Warning Status not present.
  • Added Number of users over receive limit to MailboxStatus.asp.
  • Fixed EnabledUsersCounts.asp - Page now retrieves data from EV Dashboard database.
  • Added ArchivesGrowth.asp (graph & list) & ArchivesGrowthExport.asp - Selects counts from enabledusers table by date.
  • Fixed EnabledUsers.asp - Date column data now selecting with CONVERT(nvarchar(30), timestamp_field, 120) AS 'timestamp_field'.
  • Dates are now represented in ISO format and sorting works correctly. This does not fix bug 00001, but makes things better.
  • Fixed OverReceiveLimit.asp - The fix applied to datetime column(s).
  • Fixed OverSendLimit.asp - The fix applied to datetime column(s).
  • Fixed OverWarningLimit.asp - The fix applied to datetime column(s).
  • Added EV Dashboard database info to config.asp.
  • Fixed browser page title.
  • Added ExchangeDiskInfo.asp.
  • Removed the need for a .xml file for Fusion Chart in ArchivesGrowth.asp.
  • Moved some .asp files to ./includes.
  • Removed the need for a .xml file for Fusion Chart in ExchangeMailboxes.asp.
  • Fixed EVDiskUsageInfo.asp; updated column names and data. Sorting now functioning.
  • Fixed ExchangeDiskInfo.asp; same as above.
  • Removed the need for a .xml file for Fusion Chart in Index.asp.
  • Added Link to DocMessageClass website.
  • Added ./includes/FC_Colors.asp for Fusion Chart color selections.
  • Updated CSS in index.asp. Borders are now correctly show on the data tables.
  • Updated HourlyArchivingRates.asp to include table css, filtering and sorting.
  • Added MSMQPath to config.asp for each EV Server. Used in MSMQFolderSizes.asp.
  • Added TestDBConnectivity.asp; it is now possible to test your DB servers for ADODB / Remote access on port 1433 (or other) from within the site.
  • Removed the need for setup.asp.
  • Changed the icon set to Silk Icons.
  • Added Code for EV site name to be included in index.asp.
  • Fixed MSMQMessageCount.asp. Updated to use new table format.
  • Added UsefulInfo.asp.
  • Added Date Selector for viewing historic data from the EVDashboard database to: OverWarningLimit.asp, OverSendLimit.asp, OverReceiveLimit.asp, EnabledUsers.asp, DisabledUsers.asp.
  • Added 'Message Queuing' service to EVServices.asp
  • Seperated funtions in EVDashboard_Data_Collector.vbs into seperate files for easier reading, use.
  • Added ExchangeTransactionLogs.asp
  • Updated HourlyArchivingRates.asp - Data is now recorded into the EVDashboard database. ASP page reads from EV Dashboard database, no longer runs against the live EV databases.
  • Updated EVDiskUsage.asp. Data is now recorded into the EV Dashboard database, retained the ability to view live data.
  • Updated ExchangeDiskUsage.asp. Data is now recorded into the EV Dashboard database, retained the ability to view live data.
  • Added EV Dashboard Database Statistics. Displaying Oldest, Newest and Count from each of the EV Dashboard database tables.

Version 0.11 - 02.09.2009 - First public release.

Fixes / Additions:

Added all known scripts and more from EV Toolkit HTA:

  • MSMQs - Message Counts
  • MSMQs - Folder Sizes
  • Ping Tests
  • EV Services
  • Disk Usage Information
  • Watch File Counts
  • Journal Archive Counts
  • Hourly Archiving Rates
  • User Index Status
  • Enabled Users
  • Disabled Users
  • Archive States
  • Users Over Warning Limit
  • Users Over Send Limit
  • Users Over Receive Limit
  • Mailbox Quota Status
  • Exchange States
  • Exchange Mailbox Counts - By Server – Graph
  • Exchange Mailbox Counts - By Mailstore
  • KVS Registry Keys