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New installation document

For Eric Rife's updated EVDashboard installation document go to:



This software is made up from various SQL and ADODB vbscripts which have been incorporated into the .ASP pages of the dashboard. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure high quality code you should test the dashboard thoroughly before putting it into your production environment.

It is highly recommended you install this into your test environment to verify functionality before installing into your production environment.

At the end of the day there is only one person who holds the responsibility for the integrity of your IT infrastructure; you. The authors of this software will not be held responsible for any adverse effects from the use of this software. You use at your own risk.


For installing EV Dashboard you will need:

  • A SQL server database to store the information generated by the ./scripts/documentation/EVDashboard_Data_Collector.vbs.
  • Remote access to this database (via port 1433).
  • A management, IIS, or other server to install the asp site onto.
  • Some knowledge of SQL databases or a dba, this will help with setting up the database and database tables.
  • Remote SQL access to each Enterprise Vault database (via port 1433).
  • Some knowledge of VBScript / ASP useful, but not essential.

EV Dashboard installation

Download the latest build from

Extract the files to c:\inetpub\wwwroot\EVDashboard\ onto your management or IIS server.

Rename the file /config/ to config.xml.

Check the permissions on /config/config.xml. On the security properties of this file add Internet Guest Account, so this file can be written to within the EV Dashboard ASP pages.

Configure IIS

  • Open computer management on the server where you extracted the EV Dashboard files.
  • Go to the properties of EVDashboard within IIS.
  • Click on the directory security tab.
  • Click edit under Authentication and Access Control.
  • Untick enable anonymous access.
  • Tick basic authentication. – Passwords are sent in clear text unless you have a SSL certificate installed.
  • Click on the documents tab - remove all and add index.asp

Configure your database to host the information produced from ./scripts/documentation/EVDashboard_Data_Collector.vbs

  • Use ./sql/EVDashboard Database Creation/CreateEVDashboardDatabase.sql to create the EVDashboard database on your database server.
  • Use ./sql/EVDashboard Database Creation/CreateTables.sql to create the tables within the EVDashboard database on your database server.

Now open http(s)://{Your_IIS_Server}/evdashboard. For example http://mgmtsrv01/evdashboard.

You are now taken to the configure EV dashboard page. Here you can set your global options and define your EV infrastructure. You should be able to find all the information you need from the administration console on your EV server(s). Note that basic information is required on this configuration page is required for a lot of the scripts to run and collect data.


Most problems seem to be related to the inital configuration of the database connectivity for EV Dashboard, or more precisely VBScript ADODB to connect to your designated SQL database and your Enterprise Vault SQL database. Try the following:

  • From your database server run netstat -a | find "1433". You are looking to confirm there is a listening connection for port 1433.
  • Confirm no firewalls (software or hardware) are blocking communication channels for port 1433 on your servers.
  • Try the test database connectivity page within EV Dashboard. This can provide some insight, including errors on any potential problems.

Beyond this post your questions with error messages either onto the forums here on connect or on

 Great stuff once again JPR! Thanks for your continued support of the EV community. These contributions are appreciated by customers, and us alike.

Nick Wade
Group Product Manager
Symantec Corporation 
Thanks for comments Nick. Hopefully soon we will get our organisations EV upgraded to version 8.0 so I can start kicking out stuff more relevant for the admins on the current production release.

Just as a FYI, that link posted by jprknight to is no longer valid and now goes to a  site that looks awfully suspicous.  You may want to update that link with the new location for EVDashboard.