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EV Dashboard; an ASP based IIS site which can do a lot of things to help you manage Enterprise Vault.

NOTE: This software should be installed into your test environments first. By no means should you go right ahead and install it into your production systems. Only one person is responsibile for your EV infrastructure; you. Use this software responsibly.

Essentially there is a lengthy vbscript included in the package EVDashboard_Data_Collector.vbs which goes off and runs querues against your EV and Exchange infrastructure, the data is then written into a database which the EV Dashboard ASP site reads from. The script should be scheduled to run early in the morning. There are however certain scripts which are run against the live databases because: 1. They are light-weight and quick 2. The sepcific information should be preferably up to the minute.

Below is a screenshot of the front page from EV Dashboard; straight  away giving you a summary of the EV infrastructure, Exchange infrastructure, graph of the number of EV enabled users and User Indexes which are failed, rebuilding or offline. The footer of each page also includes information on the start and finish times of when the EV Dashboard_Data_Collector.vbs was last run.

Possibly the biggest stumbling block for setting this up could be enabling remote access to SQL servers on port 1433 through firewalls.

Where to download?


Health Checks

Under  the health checks menu you will find:

MSMQs - Message Counts -- A check against poison messages etc stuck in message queues.
MSMQs - Folder Sizes -- A check to guard against journalling being accidentally left on. In my environment these are typically no larger than 40MB.
Ping test -- Easy piece of code to put in; useful for checking DNS aliases are correctly registered.
EV Services -- Highlights stopped services in red.
Disk usage Information -- Gives you sizes, free space etc on all disks on your EV servers.
WatchFileCounts -- Useful for checking to amount of messages archive pending.
JournalArchiveCounts -- Useful for checking to amount of messages archive pending.
Hourly Archiving Rates -- Archiving counts for the last 24 hours, by the hour.

Mailbox Reports

User Index Status -- Checks for any users with failed, rebuilding or offline indexes. This is also displayed on frontpage.
Enabled Users -- Clearly very useful. This is a list of all EV enabled users. Using some clever commands the data (in it's entirety, regardless of filtering) can be exported to an Excel File.
Enabled Users Count -- The numbers of the same report displayed on the frontpage in the graph.
Disabled Users -- List of all disabled users.
Archive Growth -- Number of archives growth history.
Archive States -- Counts of Archive states.
Over Warning Limit / Quota -- List of all users over mail Warning Limits, including the size over the limit.
Over Send Limit / Quota -- List of all users over mail Send Limits, including the size over the limit.
Over Receive Limit / Quota -- List of all users over mail Receive Limits, including the size over the limit.
Mailbox Quota Counts -- Counts of the above three reports.
Exchange States -- Counts of the mailbox (not archive) states.

Exchange (mail server) Reports

Mailboxes per server -- Graph showing number of mailboxes per mail server.
Mailboxes per mailstore -- Counts of mailboxes per mailstore.

7.5 Registry Keys

EV Registry Keys -- Essentially a link to Symantec's list of registry keys with help style information on them.
KVS Registry Keys -- Checks the storage keys which should be set on each EV server. Zero's and keys not set highlighted in red.


Configure EVDashboard -- Configuration page where you detail your EV infrastructure, EV databases and other settings. Forum -- Link to forum.
EV Dashboard Installation -- Link to the installation document provided within the package.
EV Dashboard FAQ -- Link to the FAQ document provided within the package.
ChangeLog -- Change log detailing bugs, fixes for each release.
About -- Licence / component information.

Some more screenshots:

Enabled Users Report:


Over Receive Limit Report:


Exchange Mailboxes Report:

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Hi ,


Is this still being developped? The link to the website is not working.



Vinoth Siva

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We are looking for a similar solution for our company where we have more than 20+ server in ediscovery (including EV,CA DA and DCS) Can i got more details  on this product

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