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I’m pleased to announce the availability of a new EV How To Guide; on the subject of how to move an EV server to a new AD domain.  This has been written in response to a recent number of questions on this topic in various discussion forums.



This is very helpfull Document for AD migration.

O have smilar operation, domain A will be change with B ,but they will be trusted.

As you know all of the shortcuts arcvhived like "....A.local/...."

After this Whitepaper steps ,all of the steps are finished,

What about the shourtcuts?

EV server will be B.local, so old shourtcuts will be open again?

Are there any shourtcut re-creation process required?

Just pointing old domain name A point to new domain B record is enough to open old shortcuts?





Apologies for the delay in replying - I only just picked up your post.

The shortcuts work on the basis of DNS lookup, so if you change your DNS domain then the shortcuts will need updating - alternatively you can leave the DNS zone for the old domain in place for the shortcuts to work.

Note that if you are changing DNS domain name then you need to ensure that the new DNS name (or *.newdomain.local wildcard) is added to the trusted sites of your clients to allow integrated authentication to take place (to avoid getting the username and password prompt).

Should you need to re-create the shortcuts the following link should provide you with the required steps:

Kind Regards


Is this still fully supported on 10.0.4 CHF2 ?

Absolutely bdk1, there is no change as far as 10.0.4 CHF2 is concerned.

Hi, in regards to the shortcuts. Are you referring to email shortcuts or file shortcuts?

We have a potential issue where we are about to break the trust between 2 domains. The EV site and file server on one domain and the EV file vault store on another domain.

We assume this will break the ability to recall archived files on the file server.

Are there any options for this to continue working after domain trust is broken?