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How to Enable deletion of Items from Archives \ Vaults for your Users
1. From the Site Settings on the Enterprise Vault Server check you have configured the following
"Users can delete from their Archives"
EV 2007
EV 8.0
Remember if you want your admins to be able to recover items users may have deleted in error the decide on whether to implement the setting below highlighted in the screenshot
"Enable recovery of user deleted items"  
Choose amount of days you wish to retain deleted items for before they are permanently deleted
2. Shortcut Deletion Behavior
EV 2007
EV 8.0
Setting on the Desktop Policy - Options you have configured the following :-
Delete from Vault - Enabled \ On Toolbar (Both Ticked)
Outlook Behavior - Shortcut Deletion
"Ask User" or "Both Deleted" Selected
Setting Shortcut Deletion only is not enough to allow items to be deleted their archive \ vault as a shortcut resides in the mailbox and not the archive

3. Retention Categories and Deletion
The retention Category setting of "Prevent Deletion of Archived Items in this Category" must NOT be ticked
EV 2007 Downwards
EV 8.0 Upwards
After making these changes please make sure you do the following :-
1. Synchronize the change in the desktop policy for all users who are required to have this functionality (either through provisioning or manual sync of the users)
2. Restart IIS
3. Restart All EV Services
As a result of items being deleted folders in a users archive will become empty in order to delete these empty folders you may also wish to implement this Tech note
By Enabling these settings you are allowing users to permanently delete items from their Archiv
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