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Forum Post: Jiangxi Provincial Power Co. Improves Overall Backup & Recovery Performance with Symantec 

Serving over 40 million customers in the world’s fastest-growing major economy is among the many challenges Jiangxi Provincial Power Co. faces. In handling millions of payment transactions, Jiangxi Provincial Power Co. found that previous solutions were not capable, cost-effective, or secure enough. To tackle this challenge, Jiangxi Provincial Power Co. brought in Symantec NetBackup. Results include 100% backup and recovery success rates with NetBackup Appliances, up to 90% deduplication rates, 50% less time required to maintain backup infrastructure, backup data available on disk for fast local restores, CN¥680,000 (US$109,000) cost avoidance on backup infrastructure, and eightfold faster server recovery. To learn more about how Jiangxi Provincial Power Co. benefited from Symantec’s best-in-class backup & recovery solutions, check out this link: