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Enterprise Vault has introduced the "Dumpster" for items deleted from the archive. The downside is the missing user interface for self-service restores by the end-user, as well as the limitation to restore "all or nothing". This is what Granular Restore provides for Exchange/Outlook users. Simply restore items from an easy to use User Interface. Simple. Smart. Efficient.

At a glance

Many Enterprise Vault customers have configured mailbox archiving in a way that allows users to manually delete unwanted information.
In some countries this might even be required by privacy laws.
Administrators will quickly find out that the restore process for accidentally deleted mails is cumbersome:

  • With Enterprise Vault 7.0 or earlier the deleted item needs to be identified from the event logs, then the item needs to be restored from the backup tapes, opened and mailed back to the user.
  • Enterprise Vault 2007 onwards simplifies the process by delaying the item deletion by up to 99 days. During that period the items can be restored back to the archive. The problem is:

The Administrator can only restore ALL items in the archive's "dumpster" and ONLY reattach them into the Archive (Search and Archive Explorer), not the user's Outlook client. That's why we developed "Granular Restore". It allows the USER to recover anyitem in the dumpster.

Key Features

  • Allows end-users to recover accidentally deleted items
  • No installation on the Outlook client needed
  • Runs as a Windows service on the EV server
  • No administrator intervention needed
  • Reduces the need for daily archive backups.




This is the end user UI

For more information plesase see

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