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Level 3
Employee Accredited Certified
Education for the Entire Organization
Symantec Education Services is here to help you with the most complete portfolio of technical training, security awareness education, and custom learning services, all designed to help you manage IT risk and operate with confidence in a connected world. Log on to any forum at today and ask about Symantec Education training offerings!
The Value of Education In Today's Technology
Symantec Education provides a full range of learning services, including instructor-led classroom, onsite, and virtual technical training, and custom learning services. This enables organizations to manage IT risk and ultimately operate with confidence in a connected world.
Symantec Education helps your teams maximize their software investment by:
WE TRAIN your teams to properly implement and manage their Symantec solutions and optimize technical functionality.
  • Offering unrivaled product training expertise on Symantec technologies our courses feature up-to-date product and technical content and are taught by certified instructors using a range of delivery options and proven teaching methods to over 30,000 students each year.
WE OFFER insight, expertise, and training on the most important principles of IT Risk and Security Awareness to help your organization gain self-sufficiency on IT processes.
  • Symantec subject matter experts provide a unique combination of technical skill and real world experience to help improve the performance of your entire IT team with training on the most critical aspects of Security Awareness training.
WE PROVIDE your organization’s executives with current and relevant information so they can effectively evaluate IT risks and make informed strategic decisions.
  • Symantec’s position as the IT Risk Management thought leader allows us to offer focused industry knowledge at executive sessions, led by Symantec executives, on relevant business issues.
WE DEVELOP custom training materials to assess, design, develop, implement, and manage your organization’s IT training programs.
  • We take care of your training programs so you can focus on your core business. We use our in-depth industry experience and knowledge base to develop custom training programs focused on your environment, more cost-effectively than other vendors.

WE ARE Symantec Education Services!!!
Level 4
Glad to see it. Thank you
Level 2
Partner Accredited
are there any plans in the immediate future for another free round of virtual training classes? 
Level 4
I agree with shaun_b on this...

By the way, In the Philippines, SEP admin training is ongoing this May 2009.
The last on the shedule was this May.
Do you have the next date to schedule the SEP admin here?
When might be the next?


Nel Ramos

Level 3
Partner Accredited
Can you tell the differance between
  • Symantec Sales Expert
  • Symantec Sales Expert Plus
  • Symantec Technical Specialist
And how it can differentiate an individual from outhers in the industry.

Level 3
Partner Accredited
As far as Indian standards are concerned, Symantec Training are very exorbitantly prices. It's a good idea to get the reward points convered into some discount coupnes redeemable against the Symantec Training programs.

If implemented, I believe, it shall help many.

Level 4
How about non Symantec Employees...
How do we see the hierchy with regards to SEPM administration?
Does it have layered certifications like that of Cisco?
Level 3
thats right..
and could we have some reward points for trainning?
Level 6

I second that. Most of us in tight rope project schedules can not afford to request for time offs towards trainings. If you offer a virtual training class or like webinars it would be really useful.
Level 6

The other way round would be Symantec authorises Connect Volunteers to give training the cost would get subsidized too through UserGroups etc.

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