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Are you using Gmail as your primary contact email or email client for receiving Connect notifications and find that a lot of your messages are being delivered to the Spam folder?

Creating a filter that will deliver your Connect messages to the Inbox is a simple task - then you won't need to check your Spam folder for our messages ever again!

First you need to start with a message from us that has landed in your Spam folder that you know is a legitimate Connect message. Go right ahead and open it. You'll see icons in the upper right of your Gmail message window - click on the dropdown menu.

It never hurts to add us to your Contacts list but don't get distracted - we're creating a Filter.

Choose "Filter messages like this"


A new window will open with a list of fields for you to fill in:


This is simple - no need to add any additional information. Click "Create filter with this search>>" and the next window will open.


You can get all fancy here and customize the filter, but as long as you click "Never send to Spam" your messages will no longer end up with ads for Time Shares and Cheap Pharmaceuticals.

Click "Create filter" and you are done. Simple right?

Here is the payoff. The next Connect message that would have gone to your Spam folder will be in your Inbox and have this yellow banner across the top letting you know your filter is doing its job.


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Will you be covering other email services? (Yahoo,, etc...)

Level 4

thanks (ohzone)Cheryl for this helpful post

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I'm testing Yahoo now to see if filters are needed.


Level 2

Any updates on your Yahoo testing?


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You're reading my mind! I just started taking screen shots for Yahoo this morning. That article will be available by the end of the week

I'll link to it here, so you should get a notification it you are subscribed to this article - thanks for checking up rudyCNP!


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