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No matter what type of content you want to post on Symantec Connect, you use the Create Content feature and complete the same basic steps. For some types of content—such as videos—you must complete a few extra steps, but as you will see, the intuitive Symantec Connect interface guides you through the process.

To submit a video to be posted on Symantec Connect, complete the following steps. Please note that the video must be reviewed and approved before it is actually posted.

  1. Ensure you are logged in to the Symantec Community. If you are logged in, you will see the Account tab in the top menu bar as shown below.

       Create a poll_v02.png

If you are not logged in or have not registered to be a part of the Symantec Connect community, you will instead see the Login or Register to participate tab in the top menu bar. If you are a member but have not logged in, click the Login link. If you have not yet registered, click the Register link to join the Symantec Connect community.

Create a poll_Not logged in.png

  1.  Once you are logged in, click the Create Content tab in the top menu bar.

      Create a poll_v03.png

  1. In the drop-down menu that is displayed, select Video. The Create Video window is displayed.

      Create a video_1.png

  1. For Language, select the language in which you want to publish the content.
  2. For Video Title, type a title that tells the Symantec Connect community at-a-glance what the video contains.
  3. For Video Tags, select the type of video you are posting:
  • Demo
  • How-to
  • Overview
  • Webcast Replay

You can also select None, but Symantec Connect encourages you to select a video tag. Video tags help community members identify and select videos that provide the type of content they need.

  1. Optionally, select a Video Thumbnail, which is a static file that you can create to introduce, summarize, or advertise the video. You can use any application program to create this file, as long as you save the file in a supported file format (jpg, .jpeg, .png, or .gif). Note that the file can be a maximum of 250 MB.

    For example, you could create a slide in Microsoft PowerPoint and then click File Save as. When the Save As window is displayed, specify a File name and use the Save as type drop-down menu to select a file type that is supported for a video thumbnail (jpg, .jpeg, .png, or .gif). Then click Save.

    Once you create the file, you can upload it into the 
    Create Video window on Symantec Connect. (Use the Choose File button to browse for and select the file and then click the Upload button.)
  1. For Video Description, type a brief, but complete, explanation of what the video shows. You may want to find a video description on Symantec Connect that you find particularly helpful and pattern your explanation after it. When typing your explanation, you can use the same editing tools that are available in most word-processing programs, including those listed below:

            paste.png Perform normal paste operations

            paste plain text.pngPaste plain text

            paste from Word.png Paste from Word

            check spelling.png Check spelling

            Undo.png Undo, or back out, an editing operation

            Redo.pngReapply an editing operation

            search and replace.pngSearch for words or characters, matching case or entire word

            Replace.png Search and replace characters or words

            Post new comment_v02.pngAdd photos or figures 

            Special characters.png Insert special characters

           Other editing tools are available. Simply roll over each icon to view the associated tool's function. 

          You can also click the Switch to rich text editor link (which is under the Body field) if you prefer to use this type of editor. And if you want some tips about using HTML tags, click the More information about formatting options link.

  1. Under Video Upload, click the Choose File button to browse for and select the video you want to post on Symantec Connect and click Open. Then click the Upload button. 

        Create a video_2.png

  1. Click the Add another item button and repeat Step 9 if you want to post more than one video file.
  2. Configure Tags for the video.
  1. Select the community or trend in which you want to post the video. (Symantec Connect creates trends to allow members to discuss today’s hottest technologies.)

         Create a video3.png

  1. After you select a community, the next step is enabled. For most communities, you select the product (or products) associated with the video you are posting. Depending on the product you select, you may also need to select the version of the product you are using. However, if you select the Developers community, you select a developer program. If you select a trend, you skip this step.

​          Create a video4.png

  1. Select one or more topics, which are grouped into categories such as How to, Tools & Plugins, Events, and Industry Solutions. Depending on the community you select, a category associated only with that community might be displayed. For example, if you select the Backup and Recovery community, the Backup category, which includes topics specific to that category, is displayed.

          The topics you select are used in two ways: 

  • Searches—When community members search Symantec Connect, looking for specific information, the search engine uses these topics (and other tags in the Community Connect content) to return results.
  • Filters—When community members apply filters to view only the content in which they are interested, the filter engine uses these topics (and other tags in the Community Connect content) to determine which content to display.
  1. Specify if you want the video displayed on group pages.

    Create a video5.png

  • Public—Select Public if you want everyone to be able to view the video, or clear this option if you want only members of the groups you select to view the video.
  • Specific groups—Select one or more of the groups to which you belong.
  1. Optionally, attach a file. For example, if you are posting a How to video, you may want to provide a file that includes the written instructions.

  1. Expand the File attachments option.

          Create a video6.png

  1. Click the Choose File button to browse for and select the file that you want to include. Before selecting the file, check the maximum file size (150 MB) and the variety of file types supported.
  2. Click the Attach button.
  1. Optionally, attach a poll if you want to know what community members think about a related topic or idea. (To learn how to create a poll, see the "How to Create a Poll” article in Help Topics.)

  1. Expand the Poll attachments option.

          Create a video7_1.png

  1. Type the name of the poll you want to include. As you begin to type letters, a list of available polls is displayed, allowing you to easily select the poll you want.
  1. Configure the workflow options.

  1. Accept the default settings of Save Draft if you are still working on your submission, or click Submit for Approval if you are ready for Symantec Connect to review your video. The review process will take up to one week.

          Create a video8 (1).png

  1. Select the Sticky at top of lists option if you want to include a comment for the Symantec Connect review committee. Type your comment in the box provided.
  1. Optionally, configure subscription settings . By default, you have a subscription for this video. If you want to unsubscribe, complete these steps:

  1. Expand the Subscriptions option. 

          Create a video9 (1).png

  1. Clear the This post option.
  1. Optionally, configure notifications. By default, Symantec Connect sends you a notification when updates are made to the video you create. (You can control if you are notified by an HTML or text-only email and how often the notifications are sent by clicking Account  Notifications in the top menu bar.) If you want to change this default setting, complete these steps:

  1. Expand the Notifications option. 

          Create a video10.png

  1. Clear the Do not send notifications for this update option.

  1. Click Preview to check your content and the options you have selected.

    The top of the Preview window shows how the video will be displayed once is it posted.

    The bottom of the Preview window displays the window for creating the video on Symantec Connect. Make any adjustments needed.

  1. If your content and selected settings are correct, click Save

  2. Video content is required to be approved by a community manager before it is published to the public. This process will take 5-10 days (depending on the complexity of the content itself). You will receive and email notification when your video is published.

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