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1. First register at:

2.At the screen, select:  Apply for Testing Opportunity

(Note that you can upgrade from 7.5 to 7.6 beta BUT you can not upgrade from 7.6 beta to 7.6 GA) will email you a link to register

4.You will get all the download files for upgrading from Netbackup 7.5 to Netbackup 7.6 beta 2.

Note: This product is not for production environment , its just for testing 

Note: This Beta software is not intended to test or demonstrate the performanceand the scalability characteristics that will be available in the GA release. Rather,the intention of this beta is to provide an early preview and collect feedback onthe functionality and the features that are available with the next release of theproduct. Symantec conducts NetBackup performance characterization and optimization testing in parallel to its Beta program



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How is this an article??  You should have posted it as a blog.

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thank you , i have registered

waiting for thier email

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I have registered also.

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I have also registered. Thanks

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