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If you wish to delete the hidden message from a mailbox that might be corrupt please use one of the following methods:

Use The Enterprise Vault Client

To delete hidden messages from a mailbox you will first need to add the following registry key



   \Enterprise Vault


0 - Not visible (default if the key does not exist).
1 - Visible.

This key controls whether the Delete Hidden Message button is visible in the Vault Information dialog box.


Open Microsoft Outlook

Select Help, Select About Enterprise Vault

imagebrowser image

Scroll down to the hidden message and select it, once selected select the Delete Hidden Message button. 

That’s it. To get a new hidden message written to the mailbox you need to synchronize that user manually or wait for the next synchronization run.

There should be the following hidden messages.


Use EVPM to ZAP a mailbox

Create a new EVPM Initialization file

Save the file in notepad in UNICODE format, with an .ini extension., E.G. EVPM.ini


DirectoryComputerName = DIR_SERVER
Sitename = SITE 

DistinguishedName = /o=org/ou=mailboxou/cn=recipients/cn=mailboxcname 

Name = Mailboxroot
Zap = True


Run EVPM.exe from \Program Files\Enterprise Vault as the Enterprise Vault Service Account. 

The syntax for EVPM:

EVPM [-?] [-e Exchange Server] [-m Privileged Mailbox] [-f Initialization File]

E.G. "C:\Program Files\Enterprise Vault\EVPM.exe" -e EXSEVER -m EV_PRIV_MBX -f C:\Program Files\Enterprise Vault\Scripts\EVPM\zap.ini

NOTE: If ZAPPING a journaling mailbox, it is important to stop the Journaling Service first, zap the mailbox, and then restart the journaling service.

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