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Level 4
Partner Accredited
Partners have been asking us for clear step by step guides to help them become accredited.  In response we have created two new guides.

Pathways to Enablement 

This interactive guide, titled Pathways to Enablement  can be used by new and existing partner employees.  The guide is available for both sales and technical audiences, providing step-by-step instructions to help minimize the time involved in becoming proficient in working with Symantec and accredited on Symantec products and solutions.  Access this new guide in Symantec University for Partners

Tools at a Glance

Ever wonder what tools are available to advance your deals as you move through the customer engagement lifecycle?  This guide, Tools at a Glance,  will identify and link to all the tools available in Symantec University for Partners, providing you with the value, and stage in the customer engagement lifecycle where they will be useful.   Access this new guide in Symantec University for Partners
Level 3

The latest version of Pathway to Enablement v2.0 is now posted in the PartnerNet.

The new version incorporates the training roadmap of each specialization and requirement.

It is easily digestible by all as I went through.

Level 4
Partner Accredited

Pathways to Enablement V4 includes all the latest regional specialization and master specialization information making this the one document you will want to reference repeatedly.

Are you unsure what you need to complete in order to become specialized or master specialized?  This is the place to find the information specific to your region.

Level 4
Partner Accredited

Pathways to Enablement has been replaced with a new interactive environment called Countdown to Enablement.  In Countdown, you are encouraged, motivated and earn badges by exploring training and enablement offerings.  You can track their progress against your peers on the leaderboard, even see the specializations your company has earned. Share it with your colleagues today.

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