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Netbackup Catalog Backup

In this document I will explain you ‘how to take online backups of Netbackup Catalog data and how to restore catalog data on Netbackup server’. Netbackup catalog is an integral part of symantec Netbackup domain. In case of error in Netbackup catalog data or in case of Netbackup server corruption you need catalog information to recover your Netbackup domain.

In first part of this document I will show you how to take online backup of catalog database and in second part I will explain you how to restore your Catalog database on Netbackup server.

About Netbackup Catalogs

NetBackup catalogs are the internal databases that contain information about NetBackup backups and configuration. Backup information includes records of the files that have been backed up and the media on which the files are stored. The catalogs also contain information about the media and the storage devices.

Since NetBackup needs the catalog information so that it can restore client backups, configure a catalog backup before using NetBackup for regular client backups. Schedule the catalog backups to occur on a regular basis. Without regular catalog backups, you risk losing regular backups if there is a problem with the disk that contains the catalogs.

Parts of the NetBackup catalog on Windows

The NetBackup catalog resides on the NetBackup master server.

Below figure shows the default files and directories in a NetBackup catalog.


The catalog consists of the following parts:

  • The image database: The image database contains information about the data that has been backed up. It is the largest part of the catalog.
  • NetBackup data that is stored in relational database files.
  • NetBackup configuration files: The configuration files (databases.conf and server.conf) are flat files that contain instructions for the SQL Anywhere daemon.

Steps for taking Hot Catalog Backups

1.Run NetBackup Administration Console, goto the Master Server at the top of the left pane, then select "Configure the Catalog Backup" in the right pane.

2. In the first screen of the NetBackup Catalog Backup Wizard, click Next.


3. On the Policy Name and Type screen, enter a valid Policy name and click Next.


4. On frequency and retention screen, add the backup frequency for full and incremental backups and also set the backup retention period. In this example I have selected 'After each backup session' checkbox by this way Netbackup automatically take catalog backup after backup job.


5. On the Start Window screen, select your required Backup Window.  It is a Hot Catalog backups, the Start Window does not need to be outside of the Start Window for normal backups.


6. On the Catalog Disaster Recovery file screen. Enter the path where you want to store catalog disaster recovery file.


7. On the E-mail Catalog Disaster Recovery Information screen, choose either Yes or No to have the Disaster Recovery Information stored via email. Provide an appropriate E-mail address


8. Save the Hot Catalog Backup policy and click Finish.


9. After adding the catalog policy open the policy preperties and goto attribute tab. Select Storge unit and volume pool you want to use for online catalog backups.


10. Run manuall job to test your catalog backup policy



In next article I will show you how to perform restoration of Netbackup Catalog data.


You can refer following links to see complete details.



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