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Note: This restore procedure requires a good GRT based backup, completed
            using Backup Exec Exchange agent.


1)- Create a new restore job and select user, inbox or mails that you need to restore.



2)- Go to Microsoft Exchange Re-direction tab (Figure2),

-Enable Re-direct Exchange set- Add of Exch server name in first Colum
-Enable Redirect mailboxes or public folder - Add alias name of temp mailbox you want to use for restore.

   (Note: This mailbox should not be hidden from GAL)

-Select Exch full admin account  

   (Note: This user need to have an active mailbox as well which is not hidden in GAL) 

    Refer this to know more about right needed: 



3)- Go to advanced (figure3)- make sure you have enough staging location on media server and type exact path of  folder

(Note: if restoring from tape more staging space is needed - complete SG would be staged)


4)- Microsoft Exch tab -make sure Temporary location is correct

(Note: this Temporary location required on Exch server - not much space needed)

- Leave other settings to default, does not need to dismount database or bring down production


5)- Good to click - Run now.


Note: Make sure Exch managment tools are installed on the media server.

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