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How to remove an EV Server from your site

There may come a time where you want to decommission or remove an EV Server from your environment.  This has come up a few times on the Forum so I decided to document the steps to help you avoid the pitfalls of not doing it correctly. 

Before doing anything BACKUP ALL EV DATABASES!!

Step 1: Move all the existing Targets, Indexes, and Vault Stores to a new EV Server
There are several technotes to assist with this and for convenience I have listed them here:
How to move the Index location to a different Enterprise Vault (EV) server in the same site.

How to move a Vault Store and Vault Store partition to a different Enterprise Vault (EV) server in the SAME site.

I could not find a technote about moving an Exchange Target, but the process is pretty simple.  Just delete the current task and create a new on the new EV Server. 
For FSA you would simply select a new Task in the Volume Properties tab. You will also need to choose new Tasks for Public Folders, Sharepoint, and Journaling. This can be done on the properties page of the respective targets.

Step 2: Remove all the task and services that remain
For any Task’s that remain simply stop them and right click and choose delete.  For Public Folder tasks, Sharepoint tasks, Journaling tasks, and FSA tasks all the targets associated with them will have to be reassigned before you can delete them.
For Services, make sure they are stopped and right click Services under the EV Server in the Vault Admin Console.
You will then see a screen like this.

Simply highlight the Service and choose delete.

You might have to make an adjustment in SQL if the services do not delete on the first try. 

For example, for Indexing you would want to put something in the Admin Note of the Index Service like "Delete Me" and close the Admin Console. 
Then open the IndexingServiceEntry table in SQL and set IndexingCanDelete = 1.
Putting the Admin note entry will allow you to easily identify the service you want to delete.

Step 3: Delete the EV Server from the Vault Admin Console

To do this just right click the EV Server and choose Delete.  That should be it. 

I put this together using my lab images so if you run into any issues let me know as the document might need to be adjusted to take into account variables that are not present in my lab.

Best regards,

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Hi Tony,

Good thinking!

Last step: Uninstall EV ;-)

Ah YES!  I did miss that one didn't I?   Smiley Happy

Cheers Gertjan.

What if you were removing the primary server instead (evserver1)?



so we have an old site with ev 6. have followed your instructions above but when i try to remove the services it says

"this service cannot be removed at the moment because it has data associated with it. If you do not want the data, delete it and then you can remove the service"

ive set the sql entries as above and its still no dice. i dont need the data but as it has already been removed im not sure why its complaining. anyone have an idea as to what the data is??

we are not migrating or anything just a straight decom.

had to stop sql services to remove them.

gave up on the indexing one and just uninstalled the program


thanks anyway

Thanks for the info, but what if we have a cluster (MSCS) configuration?


As far as I know, Such config doesn't allow you to add/remove any service.


Do we have to play removing entries in the database itself?




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our situation is much like Jean-Louis's as on the secondary DR EV server we are trying to remove, I've stopped Admin svce & Task Controller + directory svce (those were the only services found), then when I tried to remove the Task Controlller svce from EV console I get the error "Could not determine if the EV server running on app-xxx-01 is part of a cluster. Access Denied." 


I am logged in as the ev service account. 

Thanks in advance, 

Hi Tony,

I am trying to remove services from an EV computer and then remove that computer from the site.  When I attempt to remove the services I receive the following message:


Could not determine if the Enterprise Vault server running on <computername> is part of a cluster.  Access is denied.


The computer is not part of a cluster. 


Hi Tony,


I have a slight different situation. I have an EV server and recentely installed EV Discovery Accelerator on a different server and part of the installation it requires to install EV binary setup but mistakley I run the EV configuration setting after the EV install. Obviousley now I am getting two EV servers under "Enterprise Vault Servers".

No tasks or services have been setup on the second server other than Discovery Accelerator service. So what i did is first uninstall EV on that server and on the console I am only seeing one service "Shopping service" with status of error for this server but I can not remove it. I am getting this error: "Could not determine if the Enterprise vault server running on <servername> is part of a cluster. Class not registered." 

Checking the properties of this service I noteid it point to a path on the senond server but that path does not exisit anyloner since the EV was uninstalled.


I can see what went wrong I unistalled EV first before removing the services. I guess registery keys now the only options.

Any help will be appreciated

You might have to remove the shopping service entry directly from SQL.  Be sure to back up the EV Directory database first.


Do you know which database or table I need to remove this entry.



That should be the ShoppingServiceEntry table

hi tony,

i am trying to uninstall my EV agent on my sharepoint server, when i click uninstall halfway is almost success but until when it try to stop some services before it continue the uninstall process, the services is Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) how can i remove my EV agent from my sharepoint server, pls help me...TQ

i still unable to uninstall the EV agent because this Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) services cannot be me please