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Often customer does face the situation where Backup Operator does need to restore specific set of files and B&R GUI is not a sollution.

Nowadays such situations does increase in volume due to possible Virus outbrakes. At this very moment the biggest issues infected system does face are viruses alike cryptoplocker which use asymetric encryption to cypher files or viruses which are simply corrupting such files.

More information about CryptoLocker you can find under

NOTE: Please remember that OS protection software like Symantec Endpoint Protection should be always installed on servers and Enabled, do not try install only Anti Virus module. You will be only protected if all modules will be up and running).


The best option after cleaning infected machines from viruses is to restore corrupted files. NetBackup does have B&R GUI which allows to perform restore very easly. The problem rises if You do need to restore back +1000 of files from different directories, GUI than is not the best option.

Thankfully NetBackup does allow to use commandline tools like bpfis and bpbkar to facilitate such processes. Please remember that apropiate knowleadge of those tools can easen daily job for every Administrator.


How to approach to restore:

First it is always worth to check if specific server machine was properly backed up. To do that You can usae bpcoverage tool.


In bellow output we can see that netbackup7604 host is secured with 2 policies, Master_Server and MSDP_Backup but only C:\ Volume is secured fully. E:\  Volume is used for MSDP which is a reason why there is no protection enabled for this volume. 


IMPORTANT: Please remember that the best protection for images located on MSDP is to duplicate them to other Media, Storage Server MSDP Pool(Optimize Duplication) or Disaster Recovery domain(AIR technology).


bpcoverage output


       File System Backup Coverage Report (UNIX and Windows only)



       Key:  *         - Policy is not active

             UNCOVERED - Mount Point not covered by an active policy

             MULTIPLE  - Mount Point covered by multiple active policies



CLIENT: netbackup7604


   Drive Letter                                                 Backed Up By Policy   Notes

   ------------                                                       -------------------             -----

   C:\                                                                       Master_Server         

   E:\                                                                       UNCOVERED

   Shadow Copy Components:\                         UNCOVERED


                       Policy Hardware/OS Report



       Key:  *                 - Policy is not active

                CLIENT       - hostname (uname information)

                VERSION   - NetBackup version running on the client



CLIENT:  netbackup7604 (Service Pack 1/Windows2008_x64 6.1 build 7601)



   Policy Name           Hardware/OS

   -----------           -----------

  *MSDP_Backup           Windows-x64/Windows2008

   Master_Server         Windows-x64/Windows2008


In this specific situation all pdf files were corrupted by virus and there is a need to recover them to original places.


Knowing which policy was used and what Volumes were protected we can easly start to prepare file list with the files we do want to restore (all pdf files). In this example we do not need to place policy name. In case Server is protected by multiple policies you can use "-k" switch to specify specific policy. If "-k" switch will not be used all policies will be taken in the consideration.


Open CommandLine and go to C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin.


Run command:  bplist -C netbackup_client_name -t 13 -T -s 02/10/2015 -I -PI "*.pdf" > C:\pdf_files_to_restore.txt

If TIR backups are not used : bplist -C netbackup_client_name -t 13 -s 02/10/2015 -I -PI "*.pdf" > C:\pdf_files_to_restore.txt


Example: bplist -C netbackup7604 -t 13 -T -s 02/10/2015 -PI "*.pdf" > C:\pdf_files_to_restore.txt


IMPORTANT: bplist might exit with various statuses which might be misleading. Bellow You can find the most frequent.

- EXIT STATUS 227: no entity was found -- command is good but there is nothing to present

- EXIT STATUS 144: invalid command usage -- self explanatory


After creating list of files to restore, next step is to run bprestore with a file list to recover.


bprestore -C netbackup7604 -f C:\pdf_files_to_restore.txt -s 2/9/2015

If Job was sucesfull all files are restored in its original place and Server is in pre-indection state.



About bplist:

About bprecover:

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