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Nowday's lots of people are not using IE as their default browser which causes some issues when trying to view archived email or searching. Here is a work around if, like a lot of people, do not want to use IE as your default browser.

Mozilla FireFox IE Tab

IE Tab, an extension that enables you to use the embedded IE engine within Mozilla/Firefox.

The IE Tab extension is derived from the famous extension IE View, but much different.

While IE View always open IE-only pages in a separate Internet Explorer window, IE Tab can view them in a Mozilla/Firefox tab.

Download IE Tab latest version from MozillaUpdate


  1. Toolbar button and statusbar icon:
    • Left click: Switches the rendering engine for the current page
    • Middle click: Switches the rendering engine in a new tab
    • Right click: Pops up Option dialog (for adding the URL of the current page to the "always view in IETab" list)
    • [Ctrl] + Left click: Same as middle click or Open Current URL in External Application.
      • Context Menu:
        • On page: Switches the rendering engine for the current page
        • On link: Switches the rendering engine in a new tab

Known Issues:

  1. IE's ActiveX enable/disable settings do NOT work
  2. Navigation history list does NOT work

IE Tab latest version - MozillaUpdate


Included are the Settings to make all the Enterprise Vault Servers launch an embedded IE engine within Firefox.

To import these settings go to:

Tools à Add-ons Select IE Tab and click Options

imagebrowser image

Now select Settings à Import Settings and select the file provided.


Main Search Page in FireFox
imagebrowser image

Some Search Results
imagebrowser image

HTML Rendition of the message
imagebrowser image

Browser Search
imagebrowser image

Browsing Windows Update within Firefox
imagebrowser image

click, switch to IE
imagebrowser image

click, switch to Firefox
imagebrowser image

right-click on page, context-menu
imagebrowser image

right-click on link, context-menu
imagebrowser image

options dialog: Always load in IE Tab
imagebrowser image

options dialog: General Options
imagebrowser image

options dialog: Context Menu Options
imagebrowser image

options dialog: External Application Options

Level 6
I have seen a common FAQ  across the internet about the ability to use EV in Firefox. And seems like Wayne has an solution for it :-). Good one!
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