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Provided within this document are the steps necessary to create a highly available Solaris zone environment using Cluster File System HA 6.0.  Additional content includes advanced provisioning techniques using Storage Foundation Space Optimized Snapshots, instant roll back procedures using File System Checkpoints as well as patching techniques designed to help elevate some of the operational challenges inherent to local zone administration. For those environments where native ZFS is used for managing the zone root file systems, the required steps for incorporating that configuration into VCS is also addressed in this guide.


Great document - very consice and extremely helpful.  Will there be similar documents for AIX, LDOMs, KVM, etc?



Really helpful document !!! Great job.

Thanks for the feedback.  If the demand is such that a CFS configuration guide for KVM/RHEV, LDoms and LPars is worthwhile than yes we can put together a similar document.  Let me inquire as to what materials already available and what may be in the works.

share to a customer.

Very good document - very consice and extremely helpful. Can we have this type of documents for Oracle VM for Sparc(LDOM) on redundent IO.

Great Job!!


Great doc, great sharing.