Business Continuity

Veritas Cluster Server from Symantec keeps your most important applications running 24x7 with no manual intervention and automates your disaster recovery plans with predictable results and efficiency. Cluster Server provides a foolproof solution for detecting risks to application availability and automates the recovery of applications for high availability and disaster recovery.

According to the previous article:

then, on this article, we will have a step-by-step guide to show how to install Veritas Cluster Server on Windows.

1. Launch VCS for Windows installer, choose 'Install Veritas Cluster Server' --> 'Complete/Custom'


2. On the Welcome page, click Next


3. Accept the license, then click Next



4. Add the license file, then click Next


5. Select server components and client components, then click Next


6. In the 'System Name or IP' field, input the hostname or IP address that need to install the VCS, after click Add, the installer will start to the discover and verify the hostname or IP address


7. After verify all the system, the VCS will be ready for install


8. Click to choose 'Automatically reboot systems after installer completes the operation', then click Next


9. Click OK the popup notification


10. The installation starts


After several minutes, the installation will finish and reboot all the system.