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Client installation on Windows

1. Insert the Server software CD (for Windows Operating System) in the Master server or copy the binaries onto to local disk, then launch the Browser.exe to open the below console.


 2. Click on “Run” and open the below console.


3. Click on the Installation tab and found the different type of options, we select Client installation


4. After clicking on this we found below screen, here we click “Run” to continue installation


 5.  After clicking on this we found Welcome screen, here we click Next to continue installation


6. Click on “I Accept the License agreement” to continue the setup


7.  Select the Install to multiple computer buttons and the type of installation as Typical and click Next


 8.  After giving the master server name we click the Next option and found the below screen


9. Here we click on “Add” button and found the below screen and here we give the Domain name and client computer Name


10. After click “OK” it’s asking user name and password with Domain Name as below screen


11. After Click on “OK” client computer name is showing as below screen, now we click Next to continue the installation.


12. Here we click on Install tab to continue installation and it will take some time to installing


 13. Once the file copy completes, Click on finish to end the setup and ready to take backup.

 Hope it helpful.



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Nice yar,

can u make such for SEP client and SEPM .

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All of the above is described in NBU installation Guides:

NBU 7.0 Installation Guide for Windows

NBU 7.1 Installation Guide for Windows

NBU 7.5 Installation Guide for Windows

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