Backup & Recovery

It has been quite some time since Backup Exec 2012 has been launched but there is one option which was not discussed or highlighted in any documentation, i.e. Make This a Required Selection’

This option is available when we right click on any backup selection (directories or sub-directories) while creating a backup job.


What is this option for?

Considering an environment where multiple Administrators login to Backup Exec. One Administrator wants to notify other administrators- How important any particular backup selection is, and not to modify or exclude those [Required] backup selection, he can simply right click and choose ‘Make This a Required Selection’.

When the option ‘Make This a Required Selection’ is selected for any directory or sub-directory the directory or sub-directory will start showing with [Required] beside it.


This will make the other Administrators aware that, this directory or sub-directory is important and required to be backed up.

Note: This option does not make any difference to the other selected directories or sub-directories during the backup. All the selected directories or sub-directories will be backed-up whether or not any selection is marked as [Required].


I am using BE 2012, but I do not see the option Make This a Required Selection’ when I right-click on on a resource in the selection list.  See attached screenshot.  I also do not get this option when I right-click on the C: drive.

Why is this so?

Hi pkh,

It seems like to get this option you have to select the entire server first. You can the reiterate selection list later, after marking needed directory as "Mark as required"

@Sym_Crazy, I haven't noticed this option all this while. Good one to know. Thanks !



Ah, o.k. However, this feature has low utility. If another Administrator comes along and clear the selection for the whole server the Required thing is gone. Also, if you create another job to backup this server the Required thing is not there. It is confined to to job for which it is marked

yes, you are right. This option is confined to Job not the server. Its just like an alarm for other administrators not to modify the existing job or existing selection list