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In this article I want to cover the configuration steps of Monitoring Enterprise Vault with System Center Operations Manager 2012 product. In fact Symantec Enterprise Vault has a build-in solution for monitoring purpose. Enterprise Vault Operations Manager is pretty nice IIS based solution for monitoring. After configuring EVOM you can browse http://ev_server_fqdn/MonitoringWebApp web site in order to observe and monitor Enterprise Vault structure

Meanwhile as we know, with 10.0.3 version of EV, SCOM 2012 is supported and SCOM 2012 is also a well-known IT Event Correlation and Analysis product and used all over the world like similar products. So you may need to use it

In this article I do not want to mention about “How to” ’s of SCOM. If you want to be informed about product you can browse this links below. (Well known SC 2012 expert from Turkey )

( Well known IT Community in Turkey )

( Vendor’s Portal )

Let’s begin and explorer the monitoring Enterprise Vault with SCOM 2012

1- Firstly, we need to configure a “Run As Account”. You can use SCOM management console for this action. Actually, you can use SCOM management console for many actions that I will mention. You can use a domain account as “Run as Account”. But that account needs some specific privileges on EV. With EV admin console you can access authorization manager. “Monitoring Application” role is which “run as account” must be member of!

2- clip_image002

3- You can see the console of Authorization Manager as shown below

4- clip_image004

5- Add “Run As Account” to “Monitoring Application” role.

6- After that, open the properties of “Run As Account”, tab to “Distribute” and select the EV server you want to monitor.

7- clip_image006

8- In order to see Server objects, Discovery and Agent installation must be completed before!

9- Provide the Enterprise Vault SCOM 2012 Management Pack from EV Media and install to a proper path.

10- file is what we need

11- Let’s import the MP into SCOM.

12- clip_image008

13- MP import is done.

14- clip_image010

15- Let’s associate the “Run As Account” with “Run As Profile”

16- To do step 15 go to SCOM management console and find the Symantec EV MP as shown below.

17- clip_image012

18- With Run As Profile Wizard shown below, associate the “run as account”.

19- clip_image014

20- Done.

21- clip_image016

22- It should be nice to read the warning shown above!

23- Configure agent proxy for your servers

24- clip_image018

25- You need to do step 23 on all EV servers!

26- Than leave it for a while, so Health Agents report some data to SCOM.

27- You can create a custom dashboard to observe EV components.

28- I made a 9-cell custom dashboard view as shown below.

29- clip_image020

30- With that kind of views you can observe or monitor EV components effectively! You can create many kind of views (dashboards, alerts, states etc. )

31- clip_image022

32- Another view is shown above. A Diagram View

33- clip_image024

34- Another view is alert view.

35- To test the views I stopped Enterprise Vault Storage Service

36- clip_image026

37- 4 cells show the error about Enterprise Vault components as shown above.

40- clip_image028

41- These are examples shown above.

As a result we discuss Monitoring Enterprise Vault with System Center Operation Manager 2012 briefly.

I hope this is informative for you.


Symantec Connect

Symantec Knowledge Base

Microsoft TechNet Library


Hi Baris,

Thank you for your informative article and also thank you for choosing an interesting topic :)

Custom dashboard view is awesome.

This is very good document. I hope Symantec make simillar documents


Thank you

Great document!

Thank you. 

Hi there,


this is really a cool guide. But there is a question. Is it the same on Operations Manager 2012 R2? 

When i configure the runas Account the way it is described here, we get a strange behaviour. Creating the runas account and and selecting the computers for account distribution is no problem. But after adding the runas account to the EV Monitoring Profile, the account is distributed to all our Server in Operations Manager.

Maybe there's something i didn't understand, but this guide seems to make it really easy. Any Ideas?




But why do we need to create a RunAsAccount and associate it to a RunAsProfile? is there any specific requirement to do this, I mean, when I installed 10.0.4 MP into SCOM, all of the EV components showed healthy, any of the latest alerts did not pointed about the RunAsaccount issues??

Do we still to go for this???

Finally i got the answer myself...:-)
To mlorenz: Just to let you know, even I faced the same problem, after associating the EV run as account to the run as profile, it was distributed across all of the servers in management group resolution: Go to that Run as profile -> select Run As Account -> select the account and click on Edit -> select "A selected class, groups or objects" -> click on "select" button and then select "Group", search for "server.instance" in filter box and then select "Symantec.EnterpriseVault.10.0.3.Server.InstanceGroup" and click OK, after 5 min you can see all of the error alerts in resolved state... Hope you find this useful