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Hello Folks,


Please find the detailed technical documentation configuring Netbackup using Firestreamer and Starwind VTLs

Level 2

Hello all,

I am Anup. I go by Shanerock(nick name from my rock band) on this community. First of all kudos to Symantec for creating a wonderful product like Netbackup. This is my first post on this community, so I have decided to make an exciting start. Here comes a concise original technical documentation of Netbackup on Virtual infrastructure with VTLs. I am sure you guys would love it. I would be adding more and more to it, which would be coming as separate ebooks. Hoping that you will make the best use of it. Please do share your feedback, which would be very helpful in creating other docs.


Thanks in advance!!!



Kind regards,

Anup Sreedharan(Shane)

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