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I’m really pleased to announce the availability of an excellent new, long-awaited, and much anticipated Best Practice Paper on configuring EV in VMware environments.  This has been written by Dan Strydom, from the EV TFE team, and is based on input from Engineering, the field, partners, support etc., as well as Dan’s extensive research.  It’s probably more accurate to say it’s about the best practice of designing/configuring VMware to be optimal for EV, rather than the other way around.  The document contains the following:

Choosing the Right Platform for Enterprise Vault

Sizing Enterprise Vault 10 for VMware

Differences in Versions and Editions of VMware

ESX Host Configuration

Optimizing VMware for Enterprise Vault

CPU configuration

Memory Configuration

Disk Configuration

Number of virtual machines per LUN

Enterprise Vault per Server Storage Locations

Choosing Suitable Storage for Index Locations

General ESXi Storage Recommendations

Network Configuration

Performance Impact of Upgrading to Enterprise Vault 10 from Earlier Versions

Virtualizing SQL Server

Other Deployment Recommendations

General VMware Recommendations

Disable Anti-Virus for Index Locations

Pagefile Size

Index Volume Fragmentation

Ongoing Maintenance

Performance Monitoring

Windows Performance Counters

APPENDIX A – VMware Enhancements to Deployment and Operations 

I think that it’s absolutely required reading for anyone who will be designing or implementing an EV solution on VMware.  As always, please feel free to send us feedback, either direct to Dan or myself or to


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