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Level 6

To Support IMAP and SMTP Feature, there were few changes made in Discovery accelerator and compliance accelerator for EV 11 SP1.  There is no major changes in the functionality as such .Below is the summary of the changes along with the Screenshots.

On Archive management Screen, now the user have an option to filter archives based on 'Internet mail' so that user can filter IMAP archives.


2. When creating DA Search, the archive picker functionality is extended so that the users can select SMTP and IMAP archives as well  . Here there is no fuctionality change as such.Incase if you are using DA version prior to  version11 sp1 you will the archive type as unknown.




3. There were some enhancement made in DA search for the Custom attribute section.


Attribute inclusion : In the previous version, when the user creates a DA search using multiple custom attribute, by default the operator used between two attribute was AND i.e. All Off. With EV 11 sp1, we now can use 'And' and 'OR' operator for multiple custom attributes search.

Custodian Picker : This functionality is similar to the one which current exist in the search terms section. When one adds a custom attribute to the search criteria in DA, a user can click on the custodian manager button  and select the custodian information from the custodian manager to add to the custom attribute search filed. User can further use the Custodian Manager option to include the email address or display name or both when creating a search.

Custom attribute.jpg

4. The SMTP archiving agent allow users to index customer x-header. The user can perform DA search using X-header using the Custom attribute section.

Note : The attribute name is Case sensitive and should be enterred as entered in the SMTP archiving policy.


5. In review Facet you can now filter based on IMAP (Internal Mail) and Social.



6. In review, the history tab and Printable tab now the user can now see the custom x-header information for SMTP archived item.



7. In Export\Production now you can export items based on type IMAP (internal Mail) and Social .

Also you can export the Journal report for SMTP items.


8. Configuration setting to define which message type to be termed as Social


9. Analytics rule builder UI updated to display the new Content Types.




Some of this changes are replicated to Compliance accelerator as well. The major change which was made for Accelerators was in Compliance accelerator where the journal connector is discontinued and the storage service has new process which does the work of Journal connector.


Hope this article is helpful !!

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