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Is your organization considering implementing an archiving and/or eDiscovery system?   Are you considering upgrading your existing Enterprise Vault system to include additional modules and/or the Clearwell eDiscovery Platform?

If so, we have published a series of white papers on the return on investment our customers have experienced:

  • Archiving and eDiscovery: Real World ROI From Hard Cost Savings with 11 separate benefits
  • Archiving and eDiscovery: Real World ROI From Soft Cost Savings with 15 benefits listed

There is also a companion 1 page Data Sheet summarizing all 26 benefits at a high level.

These White Papers refer to numerous external studies and analyst reports and should make a great resource for expanding the deployment of a Symantec Archiving and eDiscovery platform.

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great stuff mark! thanks for posting these links so we're all aware of the new ROI papers. customers are always asking for this type of material.

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Having an e-discovery solutions for a company seems an edge for it can process data easily through electronic type of computer system with hassle free however it seems that e discovery services aren't available in all companies yet.

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Great info.

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