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Give Your Customers Insight into How to Optimize NetBackup Operations


NetBackup customers are faced with challenges maintaining SLAs against rapidly growing data, evolving infrastructure, etc.  Trends such as virtualization, storage consolidation and extreme data growth cause strain on a data protection operation and require careful analysis to meet the challenges with appropriate actions.  Fortunately NetBackup has kept pace with the revolution that is occurring in the data center, but customers still need guidance as to how to best architect and optimize NetBackup to meet their evolving requirements.  As a trusted advisor, it is important for NetBackup solution providers to maintain insight into the challenges that each customer is experiencing in order to prescribe a better path forward. 


NetBackup Analyzer is a sales tool that was developed to provide this insight in an efficient manner.  It provides sales teams with the ability to quickly process a customized report using key pieces of data from a customer environment, which will serve to enlighten the customer about their NetBackup operation as well as identify areas where new technologies can help address key pain points and inefficiencies that can lead to cross-sell / up-sell. 

The report produced by NetBackup Analyzer is simple.  It provides some basic site metrics that indicate how the product is configured, including numbers of clients, servers, protected terabytes, disaster recovery methodologies, etc.  It goes on to provide a graphical summary of some key calculations related to potential inefficiencies in the environment.  Examples of the types of information that are provided by NetBackup Analyzer include:

Virtualization: Are the customer’s virtual machines adequately protected?

Deduplication: How much savings might be realized if deduplication technology were deployed?

Slowest/Largest Applications: What applications contain the most data and take the longest to back up?

By focusing in on these key areas within an environment, we can move quickly to a discussion that provides value to the customer and positions to drive projects that address challenges that the customer is currently facing.

Process Overview

Producing a NetBackup Analyzer report is straightforward (for full instructions contact your Symantec representative) and the entire process takes roughly 30 minutes of processing time including the automatic report generation.  It starts with gathering a small file from each NetBakup Master Server and uploading it to the NetBackup Analyzer server.  From there, the data will be automatically processed and a report will be generated.  The SYMC sales team will receive and email with a link to download the report, where it can be forwarded to the Symantec partner.  At that point a one hour meeting should be scheduled with the customer to review the report with the backup team and an IT manager responsible for backup within the organization. 

The Symantec sales organization will provide partners with assistance in processing reports, such as providing an opportunity ID, sending the completed reports, and assisting with analyzing the results as needed.


Since the initial launch of NetBackup Analyzer in April of this year, we have seen significant uptake by our direct sales teams as well as strategic channel partners.  To date, NetBackup Analyzer has been run in over 500 customer environments around the world, generating over $80M in new opportunities within the NetBackup base.  This momentum has been increasing in recent weeks with as much as $10M of incremental pipeline being added weekly through the use of NetBackup Analyzer, as large portions of the Symantec and partner sales teams are now beginning to utilize the tool. 

In nearly every engagement NetBackup Analyzer has revealed at least one, and typically two or three new opportunities with the customer in such areas as NBU Appliances, deduplication, Replication Director, Application Agents, Auto Image Replication, and Enterprise Client to protect virtual environments.  Customer feedback has been consistently positive through these engagements as well, and in most cases the customer requests to review an updated NetBackup Analyzer report on a regular basis.


Symantec’s recommendation is to run NetBackup Analyzer in every NBU customer at least once per year, ideally a couple months in advance of their NBU maintenance renewal so that any opportunities can be discussed as part of the same transaction cycle for the customer’s convenience.  Please contact your Symantec representative today to learn how to get started with NetBackup Analyzer.

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How can I download the tool itself?

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I would like to download the Netbackup analyzer.

If you have URL, plz tell me.

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Hello nauman, hyunseok,


Thank you for your inquiry.  Please send a request to your Symantec representative, and they can work with you to provide the best means of accessing the tool.  It is structured as cloud service, so there is nothing to download locally.  You will simply gather some catalog data from the NBU Master Server, and upload it to a Symantec ftp server to begin the process.


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Is it free? does it cost anything to produce reports for our customers?

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