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In response to many requests, we have added a "Badge" to your Connect Profile when you successfully complete a partner accreditation or authorization exam.  This badge automatically appears next to your name.  To view the accreditations and authorizations of any partner who now has this Badge, you simply click on their "user name" and then click on "accredtitations".  A complete list of accreditations successfully completed will appear.  The accreditations are organized by type, including Authorized Symantec Consultant (ASC), Symantec Technical Specialist (STS), Symantec Sales Expert Plus (SSE+) and Symantec Sales Expert (SSE).

This helps identify our partners who have invested time and expense in achieving accreditations and authorizations through training and hands on experience with Symantec products.  It also helps you know a little bit more about the partners credibility when they are responding to any questions you might have.

Check out what this will look like, by signing in to Connect and clicking on the randomly selected user profile below.


Let me know how you like, or don't like, this new functionality.


very cool feature. do you know how often the data is updated?

this is an excellent feature, however as this is a technical forum i think it is important to differentiate between sales and technical accreditations rather than combine them like has been done here

Liked it....

Nice one...Good idea..^_^

Any badge for customers who are certified


Currently we don't have badging for customers in place but as we continue to integrate with other internal systems there may be some opportunities that we can investigate.  Thanks for the suggestion.  Perhaps you could even submit your idea to the "idea" section of Connect in the Partner Community.


Eileen, Partner Community Manager

I became a Veritas Certified Professional (HA Track) in 2002.  Is there a way to enter that into Symantec Connect?

i came to know that  The Partner Group issues the accreditations, how can i reach them .. and get it done......


What if I don't work for a Partner anymore and I would like my accreditation to be listed. Or I don't work for a partner but have done exams like STS and ASC how do I get it listed. Why only for those who work Partners? Don't get me wrong this is a cool feature :)

Hi , I get a few accreditations last week, however the accreditations are not reflect on connect profile. Can please check?

How often is the sync?

Thank you.

Accreditations are synched when the partner logs in to Connect.  If your accreditations are not showing up, send me a private message and I will take a look and see what is going on.


Eileen, Partner Community Manager

Hi Simon,

You can see the type of accreditations an individual has earned by clicking on the user name.  You are taken to the user profile and just click on "Accreditations" on the left side (second item) and you will see all the accreditations earned by that individual.



Hi Seann,

Partner accreditations expire after two years, unless a new or replacement accreditation exam is not available, at which time an extension is offered.  You can complete the updated accreditation exams to earn your new credentials at any time.

Hi Nagalla,

The first thing you will need is access to PartnerNet.  If you do not already have access, contact your regional contacts below.

Regional email addresses

Then all you need to do is log in to PartnerNet, go to the University training section.  You can select the product or solution you are interested in and then you can complete the training and accreditation exams. 

I have attached a document that you might find useful, that gives you step by step instructions for finding the content you need.

I hope to see the "Accredited" badge next to your name soon.


All the accreditations are associated to you, the individual.  As long as you have successfully completed the partner accreditation exams, they are associated to your profile, regardless of who your employer is.

It's sync now, but took a while, thank you. Will update you if not sync

Very cool addition. This helps make the community stronger.

ever since the partnernet outage, my accreditations have not been displayed correctly. ie, missing a few of the latest ones. is anyone else seeing this issue? skibridgo, is this something you can help address on a case by case basis?

Hi AndrewB,

Please send me a private message with the details and I'll investigate further into your particular situation.



hi , mine also, two STS not displayed... please help to check as well.

Its very nice.........

Would like to see my badges too! :| (SSE, SSE+, SSP, STS, ASC certified)

I just wanted to add a little clarity around the amount of time it takes to have accreditations show up on your profile.  When you complete an accredition, the data goes from our Learning management system for online assessments and from the proctored test center systems for proctored exams to a "CertTracker" application.  That third party application is specifically designed to manage all Symantec accreditations.  Data transfers can take up to 3 days, depending on test centers etc.  Then the data goes from CertTracker to PartnerNet.  This step can add an additional day, as the updates are completed daily.  Finally the data is synced between PartnerNet and Symantec Connect.  This happens pretty much immediately.  These data bits travel a long way to show up on your profile!!!  Anyway, I would say that you should give it about a week for recent accreditation completions/expirations to show up on your profile prior to contacting us to check on them.  I hope this helps.

hi , my recent two STS not is about few weeks now...can help to check as well.

Just let me know the details through a private message and I'll look into it for you.