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Level 4
Partner Accredited

With the move to enabling our partners to deliver services for Symantec products, Symantec realized that there was a need to help partners get access to the intellectual property (IP) that was once only available to internal Symantec Partners.  

Well, over the past 9 months, the Symantec University for Partners team has been working with a number of internal groups to make this IP available to partners.  In particular, partners that have achieved Specialization and/or Master Specialization now have access to a number of resources.   These include, but are not limited to, the following:  Symantec IQ for Partners, PartnerAssist, and the Services Delivery Resource Kits (SDRKs).   All of these can be access via PartnerNet.  You might not be able to see or access this content if you have not achieved the specialist or master specialist status. 

SymantecIQ for Partners has been around for a while now, but with the launch of specializations within the enhanced partner program, we have added a lot of new content in this document repository. 

PartnerAssist offers remote support services to help our partners deliver services.  It is designed to help a new or existing partner develop the skills to deliver services for Symantec's solutions.  The goal of PartnerAssist is make partners self sufficient over time.  It includes a number of very detailed technical tools such as Solution Journals, Advisory Guides and well as live remote assistance with things like Solution Design and Review Services.   The SDRKs have  architecture references, project checklists & plans, testing plans, process flows, best practices, configuration reports. 

Partners are now taking advantage of these tools to increase their ability to deliver services and generate additional revenue for their business.  Be sure to download the attached fact sheet or check out Symantec University for Partners, for more details.

Level 6

Here you say that "Symantec realized that there was a need to help partners get access to the intellectual property (IP) that was once only available to internal Symantec Partners".

I have question: who are these "internal Symantec Partners"? I didn't understand what does the word 'internal' mean in this case?

The attached PDF is very compact but still informative. Question: why access to Virtual Labs available only to Gold or Platinum Partners? A lot of partners who want to get specialized do not have enough budget to set up a lab for their own purposes. They need Virtual Labs before they willl get Specialization. It is obvious: when you are at the beginning of business you don't have much except of energy, motivation, and couple of tech professionals. It is hard to train more without resources. God news: if you will have an opportunity to train yourself on a Symantec products and show them to a customer - you will win. But to get your own lab you need money, to earn money = to sell Symantec product, to sell them = to demo them, and for the demo you will need a lab. We have started on the same point - build own lab...

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