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Level 3

These are are series of "Specialization Make Easy" documents for APJ Partners who wants to have a step by step information and what training courses available online they could take to get acceditated. Highly recommend partners to review the exam objectives, exam samples prior to attempt the accreditation exams. Advise to talk to your Symantec Technical engineer on the topics to be tested in the exams (refer to exam objectives)

Level 6
Partner Accredited

Hi Auntyasher,

I completed both the SSE & SSE+ certifications of BE and NBU.

The Online Training videos available in partnernet for clearing those exams are really useful.

But when it comes to STS online training it is of 13 hours duration.

Is there any way to get it downloaded?


Level 3

Hi Kiran,

One way is to get e-book access, where user could download the training materials and read them in their own pace.

Do get access, drop a note to your sym account contact with the following details:



Partner Level

email address

PartnerNet id

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