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PureDisk 6.1 MP1A introduces the Export to NetBackup feature. This paper explains how to use this feature.

I will give a detailed description on how to demonstrate this feature using a VMware environment. The download locations for everything you need are given so you can try this same demonstration in your own VMware environment.

The information here was compiled from the Veritas NetBackup PureDisk™ Remote Office Edition Administrator’s Guide, version 6.1.3 and the Exporting PureDisk Data to NetBackup guide dated February 9, 2007.


If you want to move your PureDisk backed up files to NetBackup tape or disk the PureDisk Export to NetBackup feature is your ticket. When you export a backed-up Files and Folders data selection from a PureDisk storage pool to NetBackup, NetBackup catalogs the data and writes it to tape or disk in NetBackup’s file format. You can use these files for long-term data protection, and if you ever delete the files from the original client or from PureDisk storage, you can restore them from NetBackup.

After you export the PureDisk files to NetBackup, you can log into a NetBackup administration console and treat these files as if they were native NetBackup files. From the administration console, you can generate NetBackup reports, browse the files, and manage the files.

To restore the data that you exported to NetBackup, use the NetBackup restore methods for restoring files.

Note: The PureDisk NetBackup export engine lets you export backed-up PureDisk Files and Folders data selections to NetBackup. The NetBackup export engine does not export other PureDisk data selection types (i.e. database backups).

Note: The NetBackup engineering binaries for NetBackup will not be necessary in NetBackup 6.0 MP5. This document will be updated at that time.


The following sections describe the software, configuration, and licenses you need to have in order to export data from PureDisk to NetBackup and to restore data from NetBackup to PureDisk.

3.1 Export prerequisites

3.1.1 PureDisk environment

To export data selections from the PureDisk environment, the following is required:

  • PureDisk 6.1 MP1A on one or more nodes. This version contains the NetBackup export engine (nbu service). See the Veritas NetBackup PureDisk Remote Office Edition Getting Started Guide, version 6.1.3, for complete information on PureDisk hardware and software requirements.
    - PDOS 6.1 (PDOS 6.0 only if running in a VMware 32-bit guest)
    - PureDisk 6.1
    - PureDisk 6.1 MP1A
  • NetBackup Enterprise 6.0 MP4 client software
    - NBU 6.0 for Unix Client (RedHat Linux version)
    - NBU 6.0 MP4 for Unix Client
  • NBU_60_M_4_PDERedHatClient.tar (Linux RedHat 2.4) on each node that hosts the PureDisk NetBackup export engine service.

3 .1.2 NetBackup environment

The NetBackup master and media server(s) where the PureDisk data is to be exported must contain the following:

  • NetBackup Enterprise 6.0 MP4
    - NBU 6.0 Server (Windows 32-bit or Solaris Sun SPARC)
    - NBU 6.0 MP4 for Server (Windows or Solaris)
  • The appropriate NetBackup server engineering binary:
    - On Windows NetBackup servers, install NBU_60_M_4_PDEWinServer.tar.
    - On Solaris NetBackup servers, install NBU_60_M_4_PDESolServer.tar.
    - The initial engineering binaries support Windows 32-bit and Solaris Sun SPARC only. However, data can be exported from all supported PureDisk agents.
  • A NBU DataStore license. When you export PureDisk data to NetBackup, you use a NetBackup DataStore policy.

To read the complete article, download the PDF.