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  •  Does your business work with European organizations?
  •  Do you have a European office or affiliate?
  •  Have you received a request to delete specific items in your archives?
If you have an office in Europe, or work with European based businesses, then you already know that they have strict data privacy laws that you, as an entity doing business in Europe, must also comply with.  Whether it’s due to a court order or to adhere to internal or external requirements, organizations occasionally need to conduct a “privileged delete” of specific digital information. Revise is the tool to manage this for you.
Complying with international privacy laws, Revise features a “four-eye review” process and a traceable, tamper-proof audit log of all actions that took place during the process. This ensures that more than one person is responsible for a privileged deletion action.
Revise targets and deletes information that matches specific criteria identified by the parties concerned, leaving behind an audit trail that shows other information is still intact and has not been affected in any way.
High Level View
This diagram shows a high level view of the Revise privileged delete process.  
The process is divided into specific role assignments thus enabling roles-based administration of the full end-to-end process. This allows for technical administrative departments to manage their role in the process without requiring knowledge of the case details.
Robust reporting mechanisms allow review of previous privileged delete audit logs. Revise reports provide:
  •  Justification for the deletion request 
  •  The legal case (if part of a judiciary request) pertaining to the deletion
  •  Proof of end user sign-off 
  •  Identification of the parties who requested the case by name
  •  Time stamp for when the case was requested
  •  Identification of the parties who authorized the case
  •  Identification of the parties who reviewed and marked the items for deletion
  •  Authorization of the deletion
  •  The reflection string of the item that was deleted. 
(This allows stub files to be left in place of the deleted item which reference the privileged deletion case)
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