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Have you ever visited the Common Topics page for NetBackup Enterprise Server?  (I hope you have - its URL is in the signature of every reply I've left on the NetBackup forum!)  If you HAVEN'T, go ahead and click on this link right now...don't worry; I'll still be here when you get back:

The reason I'm asking you about this right now is that in the near future, Symantec is looking to make this page even better when it comes to getting you from Point A (having a problem) to Point B (problem solved!) - and to that effort, we're trying to gather some meaningful input from our user community to determine both the existing value of this resource as well as the potential opportunities to make it an even better resource.

With that in mind, could you please consider the following questions and chime in with your responses?

Do you find this page useful right now?  If so, what do you find useful?  If not, what could make it more useful?

Do you find the links we provide on this page useful, or do you find yourself almost immediately going straight to the SymWISE search box?  Would you prefer to see any particular links which you frequently visit but which are not currently on the page?  Do you care how many links are (or aren't) on the page?  Would you prefer some links be more prominent than others? Are links taking you to where you expect to go?

How would you feel about more pictures or videos and/or less text?

You may leave your response here or join the discussion over on the copy of this article I have posted to NetBackup forum - OR, if you would prefer to make a private comment, feel free to send me a private message by clicking on my username and using one of the Contact links.

Thank you!



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Links redirects to common search page of symantec products.. SYMWISE to say rather


My biggest complaint with subscribing TN are no highlights in what has changed since last time i visited it.

atleast in notification highlight what new has been added or removed sort of change log we find everywhere now

be it smartphone OS updates or app updates..

even change log is present in our compatibility lists...

i'm sure there would be change log to internals but for external we are unaware what has changed or  new added , removed etc.


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