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Steps to restore backup exec tape with netbackup

1. Insert tape inthe drive with wright protected.

2. Run command to add media id

C:\Program Files\Veritas\Volmgr\bin>vmphyinv.exe -u 0 -h fhdcbkpsrv02

Proposed Change(s) to Update the Volume Configuration


Logically add new media BE????.

Logically update EMM database, if required.

Update volume configuration? (y/n) n: y

Added new media BE0002 on host fhdcbkpsrv02.

Added media ID BE0002 to EMM database.


3. Click on catalog-->Action menu-->initialize import

4. Enter information & click on ok button to start phase I import.


5. Go to activity monotor & wait to complete phase I

6. Go to catalog & select as per below screen shot


7. Right click on image & select import


8. Go to activity monitor & wait to complete phase II import.

9. Open Backup Archive & Restore GUI

10. Specify server, source client & policy type.


11. Go to action & select Restore Type --> Backup Exec Backups.


12.  Select restoration file & click on restore button.

Above are the step, hope it will help everyone.

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Nice effort.

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Nice post Syed....Thumbs upppenlightened

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Really Nice, thank you alot.

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Thanks ...

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Hi Syed,


its a nice effort. Appreciate it


I have a small query.


If i  have a library consisting of 10 drives and 10 I/O caps, how will  i know to which drive the media will be moved?

i have just inserted the media into the 1st I/O cap


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The physical inventory mounts and reads the Backup Exec tape and assigns the media to the BackupExec pool. If the BackupExec pool does not exist, vmphyinv creates it. It also updates the GUID of the tape

By running vmquery -m <media ID> you can check the slot to which the media is assigned.And once the restoration is initiated, the media will be assigned to the available tape drive to satisify the request and from there you can identify which tape the media is been assigned to. 

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Iype.


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