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I’m really pleased to announce the availability of a new Symantec Clearwell eDiscovery Platform Feature Briefing; this one is on the subject of the new Audio Search feature that will be introduced in Clearwell 7.1.4.

This FB has been put together by the SES Technical Education team.

The Symantec Clearwell eDiscovery Platform 7.1.4 introduces the ability to run phonetic based searches against a large range of files containing audio. This not only gives the ability to search the content but it also allows, in review, to choose the search terms and start playing the file from a point just before the keyword or phrase appears.


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I'm looking forward to the new release.  Organizations subject to Dodd-Frank compliance requirements will have a single solution in Clearwell.  17 CFR 1.31 requires that books and records be kept for 5 years and shall be made readily accessible during the first 2 years of the 5-year period.   These records include audio recordings relating to pre-execution swap trade information.  With version 7.1.4 Clearwell will help organizations efficiently respond to regulatory inquiries. 

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Thanks for sharing the information.


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good article.

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