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Written by: Andrew Harrison, Senior Engineering Manager

Gartner Group has identified IT power and cooling as the highest priority issue facing IT organizations worldwide. It is a serious and exacerbating problem. Gartner is presently advising IT organisations to focus on reducing IT power and cooling because of:

  •  Power unit cost increases well in excess of inflationary increases
  •  Double-digit annual growth in Data Center power consumption
  • Data Centers running out of power and cooling capacity
  • * Internal and external CO2 emissions reduction pressures consequent to International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Reporting.
  • Unnoticed and unreported desktops and endpoints can often consume up to 40% of IT’s total power bill while placing an increasing load on office environmental management systems, such as air conditioning.

Used as part of a holistic IT Greening approach, Symantec’s server and storage management software products are uniquely capable of helping reduce Data Center power consumption and consequent CO2 footprints, while increasing power and cooling efficiency. Symantec’s endpoint management products can also reduce desktop power consumption through intelligent power management. Symantec has a skilled services organization that can help IT organizations implement these products effectively.

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