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We suggest that you use this benchmark as a guideline for configuring your virtual machine backup strategy. We highly recommend that you utilize the technologies that have been described in this benchmark, but whatever components you deploy, the information and methodologies described in this document can be of help as you make design decisions related to protecting your valuable virtual machine environment.

Authored by George Winter from Symantec, Roger Andersson from Cisco and Paul Vasquez from VMware.

To read the Whitepaper, Download it now!




 whitepaper is not available.

 I am looking forward on document.

Thank you


Page not found - The requested page could not be found.

...yep, doesn't exist...

Hm, not sure what happened but will fix it shortly.  In the mean time you can grab the paper here but it requires you to give us your information :)

Thanks Joe!

The link is fixed now! Appreciate you guys for your patience and feeback :)

I just had the chance to read through it, looks great and quite useful to help people baseline the performance of their backup strategies which can be hard with virtualisation.

it was very interesting the info 



thanks man ! for the whitepaper sharing.

Joe: Any chance you guys will publish something like this for BE 2010 R2, and maybe BE 2010 R2 vs. ARCserve 15? How about Veeam/SureBackup? Would be interesting to see how it stacks up!

@Craig, I shall check with the BE PM team. Thanks for the feedback.