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A large global financial institution was trying to install Symantec Enterprise Vault, but the installation program was hanging up repeatedly during configuration. Their IT team was trying to set up the software in a cluster configuration but they were getting error messages when the configuration process tried to create Enterprise Vault services inside the actual cluster. After several attempts at installing, the customer called Symantec tech support for help diagnosing the problem.

Michael, a Symantec senior tech support engineer, called the customer to discuss the problem. He set up a WebEx session so he could view their environment firsthand to see what was going on. "When I looked through their environment and evaluated the cluster configuration, I discovered that they had some corruption issues with the cluster itself," Michael says. "I asked the customer if I could tear down their Microsoft cluster and rebuild it from the ground up." The customer gave Michael permission to rebuild the cluster and try the installation again.

Cascading cluster issues

Michael was able to clear up the customer's problem in about 45 minutes, handling the entire support case over the phone and online with a WebEx session. "We never found out specifically what had happened," Michael says. "But we theorized that one of the nodes in the cluster had become corrupted while they were setting up the cluster, and that problem cascaded into an additional issue while they were trying to install Enterprise Vault on it."

Before calling for help the customer had been down for a few hours, but their clients were not affected by the problems because the company was performing an initial Enterprise Vault installation and nothing was up and running yet. "Once I started from scratch and rebuilt the cluster we were able to reinstall Enterprise Vault and reconfigure it correctly with no errors," notes Michael. "Everything went through like a champ at that point."

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