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A large government office wanted to configure Enterprise Vault to give employees access to their Outlook e-mail via the Internet, but they were having trouble configuring the Outlook Web Access (OWA) plug-in. They were getting error messages in both the setup and configuration portions of the installation, so they turned to Symantec tech support for help.

Patrick, a senior tech support engineer, started looking through their environment and discovered that their environmental path didn’t contain an important 8.3 naming convention. "When Enterprise Vault runs its install program, it looks for this 8.3 naming convention, which is part of the operating system," Patrick notes. "Enterprise Vault needs to modify some Microsoft control files to show EV items in OWA. But the installation was unable to install these files because it was not able to resolve the environmental path. The naming convention wasn’t there, probably because the customer’s operating system wasn’t configured to include it."

Patrick did a little research and referred the customer to a Symantec online technote for instructions about setting up an 8.3 naming convention folder. "Once he set up a folder with that naming convention, the install was able to begin processing," Patrick says.

Using a switch to switch browsers

With the setup problem corrected, Patrick began tackling the configuration issue. "We were able to get the plug-in installed and set up, but then the customer discovered that he wasn’t able to see all the buttons and toolbar options in Outlook," Patrick says. "He told us that he was using Firefox, which told me immediately what was causing the problem. The OWA plug-in doesn’t support Firefox, so we needed to get him switched over to Internet Explorer."

Patrick told the customer how to use a specific command-line switch to register the EV forms so they could be viewed properly in OWA. By running the switch, the customer was able to force Enterprise Vault to use a specific domain, and then the program was able to go out and register the files. The customer was then able to see all of his buttons and toolbar options.

"The setup and configuration issues didn’t bring operations to a halt or cause any downtime for email because they were related only to the OWA plug-in," Patrick says. "The customer had several servers, so once we identified the problems, we were able to resolve the issues on all of his servers so that his employees could access their email via the Internet, wherever they were located."

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Hi  Swathi,

I belive you can help me with the below issue

when i am trying to restore emails manually from evauly getting the error message as " could not process the selected items. Reason: The certificate that generated the servers certificate is not recognized."

Please look into the issue its very important for me.......

Level 3

Dear Swathi,

I am facing this issue. can you please assist as to how can I resolve this.

again this is for a large government client.

your help would be most appreciated.

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