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Many businesses protect themselves against data loss by doing daily or weekly backups to some physical medium, most commonly tape. But this method is flawed for several reasons. Just like its video counterpart, a computer tape's quality deteriorates as you keep recording over it, and there is no way of knowing if a backup has been successful until you attempt a data recovery. Another problem with having your data backed up on a tape stored on your premises is that it could be stolen, misplaced, or accidentally destroyed.

With these limitations in mind, Symantec Online Storage was designed to leverage and extend the value of your current investment in Backup Exec 12. The service, fully integrated with and managed from the Backup Exec console, allows you to easily move your Backup Exec data offsite to Symantec's secure data centers for disaster recovery or long-term storage. This TechTip focuses on how to put Symantec Online Storage to work for you.


How to store a backup

  • Navigate to the Devices screen of your Backup Exec console. Right-click Symantec Protection Network and select Create a New Symantec Protection Network Folder. Next, give the new folder a name. Once you click OK in the dialog box, a new Symantec Protection Network Folder is created in Symantec's secure data centers.
  • Now that the folder is ready, you can create a new backup job. Click File> New> Backup Job. In the Properties window that opens up, identify the resource to back up and specify where the backup should be saved under Destination >Device and Media. After you click Run Now, the backup to Symantec Online Storage will begin.
  • To monitor the progress of your backup, navigate to the Job Monitor screen on your Backup Exec console. When the job is done, click File > New > Duplicate Backup Sets Job.
  • In the New Duplicate Backup Sets Job window, identify the backup sets you want to copy to Symantec Online Storage. Next, click on Destination > Device and Media to direct the duplicate copy to your Symantec Online Storage folder.
  • Under Settings, click on Network and Security. From the dropdown menu, select Software as the encryption type. You can use an existing encryption key or create a new one. To create a new one, you need to select a name,
  • Choose 128- or 256-bit AES encryption, and enter a passphrase. Once you are done, accept the rest of the defaults and run the job.
  • You can verify that the duplicate job is finished by navigating to the Job Monitor screen. Once completed, the job will move from Current Jobs to Jobs History.


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This is really great article. can you please tell me; is there any limit as to the amount of data that we can store; also please let me know the procedure to retrieve this data from online storage

There is no limit to the amount of data that can be stored with our Online Storage service. Our pricing is based on a per/GB/month basis.  Retrievely of data stored is through a web-based console. You login to your Online Storage account and select the data you wish to restore and start downloading. You can restore to the original location or to an altenate location.  Hope this helps.  Thanks. 

can you please give details about pricing?
will this solution will be appropriate for home users?