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If you use Microsoft applications today, you know how much your environment depends on Microsoft Active Directory. An accidentally deleted user account translates into a loss of user productivity for hours, or even days, while that user is unable to access company resources. Furthermore, the loss or corruption of Active Directory data can create a ripple effect across the Windows environment, affecting your critical Microsoft applications such as Exchange, SQL Server, and SharePoint.

When an individual user account, object, or even an individual attribute is lost or corrupted, recovery of the entire Active Directory with most existing tools and backup applications is too slow and labor-intensive to be practical. But now there's a better way to recover your lost or modified Active Directory objects: Symantec Backup Exec 11d Agent for Active Directory. Install this single-license key agent on your Active Directory Domain Controllers, do your usual backups of your System State with Backup Exec 11d to either disk or tape—and take advantage of these features to speed Active Directory recovery.

Granular Recovery: You'll save time by recovering only those Active Directory objects you want, just when you want them. Use Symantec's patented Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) to quickly restore individual Active Directory Objects, including deleted user accounts, printers, and organizational units—right down to the individual attribute level. Now you'll have the power to recover objects in most Active Directory partitions, including the configuration partition--without having to restore all of Active Directory.

Online Recovery: It used to be unavoidable: If you wanted to recover lost or damaged Active Directory objects, you had to take the domain controller offline during the recovery process and reboot it multiple times. Now, with Backup Exec 11d's Active Directory Agent, you can recover Active Directory objects from within the backup Exec console, with no reboots required. Simply browse your Active Directory organizations and select the objects you wish to recover. The big winners when you implement this Backup Exec technology are your users, who can work without disruption while domain controllers stay up and running.

Full Disaster Recovery Support: Now even a worst-case scenario doesn't sound so bad. Symantec Backup Exec 11d Agent for Active Directory might not keep a stray asteroid from colliding with the earth, but it does equip you for fast, simple recovery of an entire domain controller. The software enables you to point and click your way through recovery of every system state component on the server—including Active Directory, SYSVOL, the COM+ database, Windows registry, and system files. You can prepare for the worst but expect the best in uptime and Active Directory recovery with Symantec.

In Part 2 of this TechTip, learn how learn how Backup Exec 11d also enables rapid recovery of individual Microsoft Exchange mailboxes, messages, and public/private folders using the same Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) as the Backup Exec 11d Active Directory Agent.