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This story is of a customer in the telecom industry where I was part of the backup administrator group. The moment the Indian service provider got into business,. Technology was key for the organization to be able to compete in the market with other vendors. I know the data which for telecom is the calls made either local, STD, ISD all were important and every transaction made by the user group.. (For a successful call, the technology at both at the switch and the application level is important. The call made by the user which is termed as “Stream” in the telecom terminology was important data that needed to be protected and we also needed to provide to the billing system an input for processing.)

Telecom switches are of low of capacities and hence the streams need to be transferred to server’s real time with continuous backup. These were binary files and backing the files with the redundancy check was essential; otherwise the chances of corruption of the files were high. The backing up the files and processing was important part of the application to be able to ensure accuracy in billing.

Here the challenges were the backup both at the switch data level and also at the billing system level. We had the Small Scale backup system in our environment with absolutely no user-friendly interface for the administrator to perform the task.

The key challenges with the backup are listed below:

  • Known fact is absolutely non user friendly interface
  • Corruption of the data backed up while performing and restores
  • Time consuming support resolution and not professional support for the issues raised by us
  • Complicated backup approach for the SAN devices
  • No ability to create multiple copies of a backup image at the same time while initial backup is performed.

We had been facing the issues right from the procurement and implementation of the tool which had come bundled with the Storage box purchase. However we had to live with it until I learned about Netbackup. I was responsible for performing the product evaluation and give a final go. I had evaluated Netbackup  for proving the user friendly and administrator comfortably tool that would ensure the smooth and error free backups and maintain the TRIA guidelines to prevent the data at all level to ensure that the data is safe and retrieved as and when required from the Intelligence branch. This was absolutely possible with Netbackup as a product. I was amazed by the technical growth and business vision they were carrying.

Thus after proof of concept and leadership confirmation we had decided to migrate the servers from the existing to Netbackup in the phase manner. We had client servers close to 40+ and had the storage frames which were difficult to migrate--however, in the end all were migrated.

The Benefits out the Netbackup implementation

Once we migrated the streams backup server to the Netbackup, we were able to retrieve the data whatever was required by the intelligence team with ease and some back dated data of similar nature when asked Legato had a tough time to retrieval thus making our case positive as to why “Netbackup” is required here in the business. We had the immediate retrieval of data the moment any thing is produce for the investigating agency. (Any one record miss would lead to the free up of the criminal or one can sue the organization for not retaining the data and my face the crisis from the lawsuit for not fulfilling the requirements.) In addition, we liked the user-friendly Netbackup integrated wizards that assisted in product deployment, configuration and usage.

The Support

It world wide known fact that the support of the Symantec is stupendous and unquestionable. The kind of responsibility and the problem ownership is taken is unseen in other major vendors. Symantec do not hesitate to take the web access for the issue closure and give a quick fix is the motive. The business critical issues are handling by the regional project manager getting involved into the magnitude of the issues’ and the business group involvement to the issue. The entire ownership and driving to resolution is the key to the success of the Symantec as an industry pioneer into the backup arenea…No wonder why no one can match them.

The Strategic and Market Vision
Now Netbackup coming to the online backup, which is nothing but the cloud backup, is the technical and strategic vision and aligning themselves to the market and their presence is remarkable. So there is no end to the road and this would go on with all leaps and bounce and would surely come out successful is the key to the success of the product and as an organization who are there to serve the customer and their needs.

Happy reading!!!


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Mr Gubbala, I think you have huge experience on the product which is what is refelcting in this document. Appreciate your time and efforts put in to make all of us aware is remarkable. It was indeed a happy read documnet  :)
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