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General Overview
Outlook Web Access in Exchange 2007 has changed quite significantly and so has Enterrpise Vault.  One of the major changes is the fact that Enterprise Vault can no longer proxy requests through the Exchange Server as was the configuration in Exchange 2003. 

Installation Troubleshooting
If you have issues with the actual running of the installation, check and gather the following in case you need to raise a case with Symantec.

1: Check the Application, Enterprise Vault and System Event Log. Save these off in EVT file format.

2: Get a screenshot of the error.

3: Navigate to Start\Run and type %Temp%, press OK and review the temporary location. Do you see a EVINstall.log file. Review and save this file.

No Enterprise Vault Buttons Appear in Outlook Web Access

1. On the Client Access Server (CAS) make sure the 'Symantec.EnterpriseVault.Owa.EVOwaModule.dll' is registered in the Web.config file (:\program files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\ClientAccess\Owa). It should appear as follows:


If the Symantec.EnterpriseVault.Owa.EVOwaModule is not listed on web.config file for the Exchange Client Access Server it is likely that the EV extensions have not installed successfully. Try reinstalling the EV extensions again.

2. Check an the EV log is generated:

a) Add the line on the Web.config file:


b) Log onto OWA

c) An EVOwaLog_usernamexxxxxx.txt should be created in \program files\Enterprise Vault\OWA 2007\logs

Note: If the log file is created when the user accesses OWA 2007 it means the EV dll has been loaded correctly.

3. Check if the Hidden Message can be read successfully:

a) Open the created log file (\program files\Enterprise Vault\OWA 2007\logs\EVOwalog_usernamexxxx.txt)

b) Confirm the Authentication Method is Basic.
16/08/2007 12:18:20 [2104,6] Authentication type: Basic

Note: There is an issue when IWA method is enabled on the OWA virtual directory. More information on TN:

c) Check what URL EV is using to read the hidden message.

16/08/2007 12:18:20 [2104,6] [WebDAVHelpers::GetEVHiddenMessageId] Mailbox Url: https://EXCH03/localhost/user20@domain.lab
16/08/2007 12:18:20 [2104,6] [WebDAVRequest::Send] Request url: https://EXCH03/localhost/user20@domain.lab

d) Check if this URL works in Internet Explorer on the CAS server. (You should be prompted for username/password.)
If you get a 'The page cannot be found' error then try to pass the address using HTTP instead of HTTPS.

Note: By default EV uses HTTPS to read the message from the Exchange virtual directory. If you can only access the URL using HTTP, then you need either to enable the SSL on the Exchange virtual directory (recommended) or force EV to use HTTP by adding the following line on the web.config file:

4: Check that WebDav has been enabled along with.NET Framework. This is located in IIS Manager\Web Service Extensions.

5: Check the Enterprise Vault, System and Application Event Log for any errors or warnings? Save these Event Logs.

6: Check the Web.Config file, ensuring this is set correcctly for your environment. For fill detailed listing of the options that can set see the Installation and Configuration Guide. Supply support with this file if you log a case.

7: Ensure the user you are testing with has had the Enterprise Vault Buttons in Outlook Web Access enabled via the policy. If not amend the policy and syncrhnoze the user again via the Archiving Task. Test again through Outlook Web Access.

8: After each change in regards troubleshootiong delete the temporary Internt Files from Internet Explorer. It may now be working but you are viewing a cached page!!!

9: Test internally before attempting any external testing via the web.  Does it work internally? If so then it is probably your firewall configuration.

10: Any proxy Servers configured in Internet Explorer? Does the same issue occur if these are disabled?

11: Fiddler is an HTTP trace utility that can assist greatingly with troubleshooting issues, such as these. More details on Fiddler can be found in my other article troubleshooting Enterprise Vault for Outlook Web Access 2003.

Cannot open Archived Items

1: Have you configured the EVANON directory on all Enterprise Vault Servers? See the installation and Configuration Guide for more details.

2: See points 2, 4, 5,6, 8, 9, 10, 11 from the section above in regards buttons not appearing as these troubleshooting steps will also be applicable when you are unable to open archived items.

3: Check and gather the Enterprise Vault Event Logs from the Enterprise Vault Server in EVT file format.

4: Reproduce the issue and gather the IIS logs from the Enterprise Vault Server, Exchange Client Access and Exchange Mailbox Server.

Archive Explorer and Search Externally are using Internal URL

1: Check the PDF document named "OWA Internal and External WebApp" available from the Sysmantec Support site. Is this all set correctly?

2: Check you firewall configuration and logs.

General Note

Check the Symantec support site for any Technotes that may resolve your issue.

If after exhausting the above you still have issue supply the information gathered to support via  a new case, clearly stating which issue you are expereincing above.

Gather an Environment Scan CAB file as per the instructions below, together with the additional queries answered.

1: Open the Vault Administration Console and select Tools from the menu. 
Ensure Advanced Features is checked. 
In the left hand menu expand EV Servers and left click, right click on the Enterprise Vault Server that is   xperiencing the issue.  Select Deployment Scanner from the menu. 
Follow the wizard through collecting data and email the CAB file. By default this will be located in C:\Program Files\Enterprise Vault.
2. Please provide a general explanation of the problem
3. How many users are affected?
4. Is the environment that the problem is occurring in new?
5. When did the problem start?
6. Were any changes made to the environment leading up to this problem?

Level 6

Good collection of information, thanks for sharing.

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