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When LiveUpdate is used to Upgrade the Netbackup client version, you might be seeing issues that LiveUpdate is failing with the message:

"20.06.2013, 12:25:58 GMT -> HttpSendRequest (status 304): Request succeeded - File up to date so download is not required" in log.liveupdate or in the NetBackup job details you also can find the information "No Updates found".

This problematic you can only find when the Upgrade to the version was done with LiveUpdate. LiveUpdate always downloads newer files than this what it has already in its local cache directory:  f.e. "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec\LiveUpdate\Downloads"

When the LiveUpdate prepares to download f.e. symantec$20netbackup$20x86$  the files is always checks for the time stamp and when this file is already present in the local cache with a newer modification date, than LiveUpdate wont download this file.

As Netbackup 7.5 was released erlier than the Netbackup its LU files has as well the older time stamp.

Netbackup LiveUpdate bundle:
19/03/2012  16:56       185,068,179
19/03/2012  16:57        45,624,044

Netbackup 7.5 LiveUpdate bundle:
08/02/2012  19:27       225,661,095
08/02/2012  19:27       166,592,635  
08/02/2012  19:29       2,978 nbclient$5fhp$2dux$

As those files for Netbackup 7.5 are older, LiveUpdate will not download them and finish with the above messages.

Workaround 1: Remove / Delete the content in the folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec\LiveUpdate\Downloads on each remote client where they are present.

Workaround 2: Delete / remove the LiveUpdate cache on remote clients (Control Panel > LiveUpdate -> Cache)

Workaround 3: Change the Modification date of the "Netbackup 7.5 LiveUpdate bundle files" to be newer than the files from Version

So the Workaround 3 is just one change in the LiveUpdate repository which will resolve those issues on all remote clients automatic when the criteria are matching the above scenario.

As well the pre requirements for the above steps is the Netbackup LiveUpdate Guide

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