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Written by: Bruce Naegel & Jose Iglesias

Business demands on IT are ever-increasing to keep pace with the exponential growth of data throughput and the fast-rising need for data storage. Data centers are struggling to deploy the servers and storage hardware needed to meet the expanding demands of this business environment.

The growth in data center hardware requirements brings with it a steady increase in the amount of power needed. Higher density, achieved through miniaturization, has also contributed to increased power and cooling requirements for the physical data center space.

Data centers are running out of power even as governmental environmental regulations are increasing and cost per watt is rising. Incremental power—when it is available—is even more expensive. Consequently, a growing number of companies are using data asset management software strategies to help better manage growth, and they are finding that these strategies can also reduce hardware power consumption and cooling needs.

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Will definetely reduce power bills
Theoratically this may sounds good. However, practically, it may not be useful to the users which Symantec Connect address to.

Moreover, hardware design and improvment plays very significant part in saving than a software.

is it practically possible .... theoretically its very good

1) eBills and Electronic modes make environment-friendly moves, which is campaigned by our service providers.
2) Now this article should ring the bells to data centers to ensure that their power consumption is also maintained low.

Is the PDF copyrighted or can be shared with others?