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Data Insight Query Language (DQL) was introduced in version 4.0 of Data Insight and has a powerful SQL like interface that allows you to execute custom queries/reports against the data being monitored. DQL is documented in detail under the Data Insight Programmer's Reference Guide that is shipped with the product.

In version 4.5, we are introducing DQL query templates that help in providing immediate insights for risk, compliance, data management and operations efforts. Additionally, we have provided template queries, which serve as examples for demonstrating the use of DQL constructs and syntaxes. Many of these in-built queries are sourced from the Data Insight community of customers, partners, consultants and engineers. DQL query template is a file that encapsulates an ad-hoc query and information about that query. Once a template file is created, it can be placed under a specific directory of Data directory to view template in DQL custom report wizard. The DQL framework is flexible to add more templates in the Management Server on a need basis and the community need not wait for new release to get or share such custom queries.