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Symantec Backup Exec 2010 provides the facility to save and maintain multiple logon accounts. These logon accounts are used when performing various operations in the Backup Exec interface. Logon accounts are used for the following: Internal application functions such as the communication between Backup Exec Services and the Backup Exec Database, application configuration tasks such as creating and configuring backup-to-disk folders and data selection for the purposes of creating selection lists, backing up and restoring data.

The logon accounts maintained in Backup Exec (other than the account used for the Backup Exec services) are independent of accounts maintained locally, or centrally, on Windows, Mac, Linux, Active Directory or other operating systems or directory services applications. For the logon accounts in Backup Exec to function as intended they must correspond to accounts on the local Windows system, Active Directory or remote systems, as is appropriate, and be given rights assignments to access data and system objects as necessary. NOTE: since the BE accounts are independent of the systems they interact with, care should be taken to maintain account settings and passwords as needed. Changes to accounts in Backup Exec do not effect change to the related accounts on the Windows system, Active Directory or remote systems.

So If you have more than one Media servers you can have the same Logon account on all the servers. Also when you migrate from one server to another then the need arises to copy the same Logon account from old Media server to the new one. Copying of the Logon account from one server to another can be performed by referring to this technote " "

But usually when attempting to Copy the Logon Account from one Media server to another Media server, the option for 'Copy to Servers' is grayed out as shown in Figure(1).


When attempting to Copy the Logon Account from one Media server to another Media server, the option for 'Copy to Servers' is grayed out. Normally this occurs if the "Copy Server Configurations" feature is not installed during the installation of Backup Exec. So to resolve this issue we need to install the "Copy Server Configurations".

To install the "Copy Server Configurations" feature, perform the following steps:

1)  Within Backup Exec, Select the Tools | Install Options and License Keys on this Media Server as shown in Figure (2)


2) Click Next and from the list of options put a checkmark next to the 'Copy Server Configurations' feature as shown in Figure (3)


3) Click Next and then click on Install.

4) After the installation is successfully completed a reboot is required to activate the option even though it may not request a reboot.

After a reboot, the Copy to Servers option will be available to use to copy Logon account from one Backup Exec Media server to another Backup Exec Media server.


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