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Hi All

Whenever we execute mklogdir.bat under /NetBackup/Logs/. List of several directories are created automatically, We often wonder what other directories do actually mean, or now which one is to be removed which are of no use for now, if not removed may be they could fill up disk space by keep growing as and when there is any connection happened in between NetBackup


Have listed all the processes and referenced dir does what


Have a look at attachment


Courtesty: Symantec NetBackup Team

PS: This content of this document is originally included with NetBackup 7.5 (AFAIK) under NetBackup/Logs


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You have read /usr/openv/netbackup/logs/README.debug ! Cool!  Thanks for killing my time Smiley Happy


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actually i am using SEPM 11.06 but licnese has been expired few days ago, now we are going to renew license so i want to know that how to put license file in existion SEPM.


Note i don't want to upgrade existing SEPM

can you guide me how to put slf.file in SEPM 110.6






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I’ve been burnt by some of these directories creating rather large log files. This is an awesome list to reference log directories. Thanks...

Great for reference , but I tell customer's not to run this because when you increase verbosity, you are increasing logging for every folder that is created which could cause you running out of disk space.  Only create the necessary folders when troubleshooting an issue.  I am in the processes of creating log templates for different products.

For example :

Hi Dyneshia

Totally agree with your worry.. Even i too get worried when i find my customers gets in loop of LOGS.....!!!!!

Article was for newbiies in NBU troubleshooting. .where they end up searching which logs needs to be created and for what.... Although troubleshooting guide and troubleshooting section in each admin guide does highlights this all...... Though it would be better to have single pane of glass for us... (Though it did existed under logs only lol)