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Today's data centers have become highly evolved, with virtualization being widely deployed and many organizations starting to move toward the cloud. These technologies offer tremendous benefits such as increased flexibility, reduced capital and operational expenditures, and reduced hardware footprints in the data center. However, as with any change, challenges, both anticipated and unanticipated, can arise. These challenges, if not met head on, have the potential to slow down and, in some cases, derail progress. To survive and remain competitive in today's evolving technology landscape, businesses have to adapt, not only by adopting these new technologies, but also by successfully meeting the challenges that come with them.

This paper will identify some of those challenges and discuss how Symantec can help address them to allow administrators to provide more
dynamic and resilient IT environments.


  • Introduction
  • Challenges in evolving Windows® data centers
  • Transform your Windows data center: Solve key storage and high availability challenges 
  • Minimize storage spend
  • Identify waste and optimize storage usage
  • Increase visibility into entire storage infrastructure
  • Ease of storage migration in virtual and physical environments
  • Keep storage highly available for critical business application
  • Recover from disasters and reduce application impact with full-mirror snapshots
  • Prevent data lost using data replication across any distance 
  • Extend fault tolerance to your site level using campus clusters
  • Achieve wide-area disaster recovery with global clusters
  • Test your disaster recovery solution without disruption
  • Reduce failover time to seconds
  • Monitor framework intelligently 
  • Ensure continued high availability with campus clusters
  • Tie multi-tiered applications together 
  • Manage disaster recovery in Hyper-V environments
  • Provide advanced clustering that scales 
  • How customers are currently using these solutions
  • Conclusion 

Video: Virtualize with Confidence in Hyper-V Environments

Video: Achieving Fast Failover of Windows Applications using Veritas Storage Foundation and High Availabili...

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